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F*** My Brain! By Amir Shaheen: A Saucy Satire on the Hilarious Ride Called Life

Has it ever happened that you read a book which somehow decides to get into your very skin, tingling the back of your neck funnily, egging you on to dive further on into it, straight head first into experiences and narrations which may feel fiction but you wished were true. Wait or is it like, been there done that? Alas, life and its quantum physics huh? Presenting a little musing of F*** My Brain by Amir Shaheen, a collection of satire worth its weight in gold.

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Subjective Bliss by Vez Jauffur – A Satirical Take On Today’s Fast-Changing Society

There are some books which stay so close to our lives, thanks to their impeccable narrative and satirical take on the circumstances. Subjective Bliss by Vez Jauffur is a satirical fiction that not only entertains but puts forth a piece of life which we all surely know but dare not acknowledge for the fear of being judged. This a brilliant insight into the lifestyle of the upstart, the rich and the obnoxious, bookmark this one for your next

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