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Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay – The Next MLA!
by Sudeep Satheesan

Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay - The Next MLA! by Sudeep Satheesan

What is a sure way to be a politician?

Being punched by goons and Crowds.

Welcome to Bandu’s world.

Bandu AKA Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay, is useless, in every way, except in loitering around with friends. And also he is Jobless.

Out of nowhere and to the great surprise of Bandu’s frustrated father, the astrologer predicts success and great heights for success.

And thus, Bandu armed with the predictions of success and great success and great riches embarks on a journey from state to state. And to accompany him is his very good friend Ronak.

Each stop brings a new experience of broken bones, and teeth for Bandu and Ronak.

Will Bandu reach the height as predicted or will he be a punching bag for the people?

Now arises the biggest question.

What does this book set in store for its readers?


Every turn of the page brings chuckles.

Being a huge fan of Satirical books, I hardly get to read any satires from Indian Authors, and if sometimes I do get a book, then it is not up to the mark.

Author Sudeep’s ‘Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay: The Next MLA‘, is a satire, through and through.

In this book, we get a glimpse of how politics work. Moreover, the story tells us the hows and whys of the protests.

Sudeep’s narrative is very light and vivid. And the language is crisp and lucid.

The characters like Bandu, Ronak, Rajesh, Guru, etc. are perfectly in sync with the story.

I really had a hilarious time reading about the antics of the Duo Bandu and Ronak. The other characters also played a major part in this book.

Even though the storyline is on very common ground in politics, the author’s presentation of the story is different.

A good satire is when the readers get a gist of the reality behind the curtain of hilarity. And in this case, Sudeep has outdone himself. The lightheartedness and witty can be felt on every page of the book. And the cherry to the cake is the pace of the book. Breezy. It wouldn’t take more than two hours to finish this book.

This is a perfect book to read when you want to lighten up your mood. Though a little caution to the winds! Beware of your surroundings while reading it because the laugh that will come out of your mouth will be full throttle.

For me, it’s a 5 out of 5 stars read that you can get on Amazon.

Happy Reading 🙂

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