An Unknown Trail by Vinayak Jawalkar

Review of Unknown Trail by Vinayak Jawalkar

Title: An Unknown Trail Publication: Goya Publishing Page Count: 105 Genre: Spiritual Fiction The story starts off with the graduation of two unlikely friends Aditya and Sameer.  Aditya is the clueless drifter while Sameer the fitness freak seems to have a firm goal with his life all mapped out ahead for him. As it happens in life, both go their separate ways of getting busy with their respective careers and families. Five years later, a sudden encounter in the rain, has the two buddies reconnecting.  On a whim, they plan to take off on an impromptu trip to disconnect and regroup. They decide to embark on this journey of self-discovery by trekking to the Himalayas. The different people and situations that they face leave an indelible impression on each of them as they return transformed after their trip; each having found what they didn’t even know they were really searching for. Do I recommend it? A simple straightforward book by Vinayak Jawalkar who seems to have taken inspiration from his own experiences while penning this story adding a personal touch. Though there don’t seem to be any really intriguing or heart-touching moments as Vinayak drifts ahead while adding moments of mystique and spirituality, it does manage to capture the simplicity, kindness, and chivalry of the villagers. At times ‘An Unknown Trail‘ reads like a literal regional translation which was unfortunate and the typos add to the whole jarring effect.       Rating: 2/5 stars .   .   .   .   . Don’t miss: I married a Sanyasi  Also, if you’re on Instagram, then you can get bookish updates straight to your feed just by following us at @booxoul. Happy Reading 🙂