The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

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The Starless Sea

Publication: Penguin India

Page Count: 512

Review: Fantasy Fiction

Some books, as they say, are not meant for the faint-hearted. They are meant for the readers, who don’t mind diving into the very depths of the dark Starless sea.⁣⁣

Reading Erin’s yet another masterpiece ‘The Starless Sea’ was an experience magnificent, and which, in my opinion, could not be defined, however much I try. It was a dream come true for an insatiable reader like me. A fantasy, which was nothing short of a pilgrimage to me. It was a voyage, I and THE SON OF THE FORTUNE-TELLER took to the honey-shored island of Owl King’s kingdom.⁣⁣

You ask us, how did it start? The Journey?⁣⁣

⁣⁣And I say, it started with turning of the pages, BUT for THE SON OF THE FORTUNE-TELLER, it started with just a turn of the doorknob. Isn’t it amazing to see, how each reader has a different perspective, and a different story to tell of the same journey?⁣⁣

So let’s focus on me, as it’s my story to tell, but we can’t forget the other person too. As it is him ‘THE SON OF THE FORTUNE-TELLER’, who with just a turn of the doorknob, change the direction of the path and threw us into the world, where fate was helpless and bound to the time. Where Time – waiting in an endless limbo for his fate to return back – was the keeper to the place, where stories were kept. And what a remarkable place it was… You could find stories everywhere. On every turn, you will find them Scattered, or stacked neatly on the shelves. And there were stories, one could pop them into their mouth and suck on them for hours at an end like candies. Stories within stories, of love lost in time and left halfway, untold, and in search of endings.⁣⁣

However transient the journey to the land of the ‘The Starless Sea’ was, it took its own time to find the ends of the end, meandering in its own pace. It was beautiful. Filled with flawless and sweet as honey narratives and imbued with words that were calm and poetic to my exhausted mind. I fell in love with it. An adventure that I wouldn’t hesitate to take one more time. Maybe soon, or whenever I feel the time is right.⁣⁣

It is a 5 star read

The Starless Sea

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