Top 10 Adventurous Things to do in India

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India is an incredible country where so many adventurous can be done; Numerous people visit India every year for enjoying unique festivals, for relishing authentic & traditional Indian dishes, and for having exciting, daring, and unusual experience in life. Here I want to describe ten adventurous things which people can do in India.

Here we go:


1) Holi Celebration

This occasion is known as the festival of colors, Mathura and Vrindavan are the best places for Holi celebration, their people play Holi with flowers, colors, water, and these places are also famous for Lath maar Holi in which women beat men with sticks and men use shields to protect themselves. This is an old tradition that was followed by Lord Krishna and his beloved goddess Radha Ji. Million of foreigners and locals visit these places at the time of Holi.


2) Rafting

There are so many rivers in India where people can enjoy rafting. Still, Rishikesh is the well-preferred place because of the Ganga river, it is known as the holiest river, and rafters can fill their mind with positivity and can enjoy breathtaking sceneries and views.


 3) Diwali

This is the very famous festival of Hindus, and People celebrate this festival for commemorating Lord Rama. This festival is the sign of victory of good over evil; this can be enjoyed in many states (Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, etc.)  of India in October and November.


4) Ride of Hot Air Balloon

Riding in the hot air balloon and great fun, those we see in the movies or our imagination world we can enjoy those views in real via hot balloon ride. Beautiful sceneries, seas, and oceans can be seen clearly. Jaipur, Lonavala, Bhopal are the most beautiful sites for a hot air balloon ride.


5) Trekking

It’s a type of walking, and the purpose of walking is exploring and enjoying the view of a specific place. People can enjoy trekking in Nag Tibba, Bhriggu lake, Ladakh, and Singalia national park in India.


6) Paragliding

If you want to fly like a bird in the sky with open arms, so paragliding is the immaculate activity for you. There are numerous destinations where you can enjoy the lush greenery and snow-capped mountains in India through paragliding.


7) Underwater Walking

Do you want to feel like marine animals? If yes, then there is no need to worry about swimming because you can walk underwater and enjoy marine life. Guides accompany you in underwater tours, Pigeon island, Havelock island, and Grand island are the great destination where this walking can be enjoyed.


8) Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can give you the excellent lifetime experience of marine life. You can see beautiful fishes octopus, sharks, and other marine animals; the beautiful view of underwater can give a different light to your eyes.


9) Windsurfing

There are many water activities which people live to perform, but widely performed water sports is windsurfing. Goa is the most preferred place where this activity performed by numerous tourists and locals.


10) Jungle Safari

It is a courageous thought to explore wildlife where you can see the natural habitat of your favorite animal. Gir forest in Gujarat, which is popular among other forests because of conserving the Asiatic lion, jeep safari is the only way to see lions there.

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Overall, you can say that the person who once visited India cannot forget the unique things about the nation which is versed and quite famous. Do let me know in the comments below about your experiences in India and hey, Happy Traveling 🙂

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