Top 16 Bollywood Rain songs that will storm their way into your heart everytime you hear them

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Top 16 Bollywood Rain songs that will storm their way into your heart everytime you hear them

Soaking up that petrichor, the earthy aromas of the rains?

Well well, I must admit monsoon is definitely one of the most enjoyable seasons we have (not to mention the pot holes and the severe water logging we Mumbaikars face, causing us to practically boat ride every year, umm all right ignore d sarcasm!).

However, having said that it is actually Bollywood who has always sizzled and oomphed up the rainy day quotients with their terrific rainy numbers.

Be it a thriller, romantic, or even for that matter parallel cinema , rainy day numbers continue to be prevalent since the time, Bollywood has decided to acknowledge the saucy and peppy combination of romance, music and rains

SO, here is an ode to the ishq vishkk of all the baali umars of the Bollywood era, baarish ki ishtyle mein….

Coz no romantic equation can be complete without a depiction of ‘Baadal Barse, hum bhi tarse pyaar ko apne’.

Let’s take a look at the Top 16 Bollywood Rain songs that will storm their way into your heart everytime you hear them… Shall we?

1. Pyaar hua, Ikrar hua – Shree 420

I guess this one is the mother of all rainy romantic numbers. Baarish plus Pyaar (Love) virtually converts to Raj kapoor and Nargis, not to forget the chemistry. A timeless classic.

2. Tip Tip Barsa Pani – Mohra

Way back in the 90’s, this one symbolized a cult. I remember the sensation created by the super snazzy music in this one, thanks to the music director Viju Shah, not to forget Raveena Tandon’s super screen presence in this one..

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3. Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2

This one seems to still conquer the minds of die hard romantics since the time it has been released. Going strong akin to a national love song, this has a rainy scene set up which gives it that oh so goodddd kinda feel!!

4. Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi si – Chalti ka Naam Gadi

A Kishore Kumar number, perfect for monsoons, the camaraderie between him and Madhubala is sizziling.

5. Bheegi Bheegi Raaton mein – Ajnabee

An RD Burman number, this one was pure magic and how!!! With Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, much needn’t be said.

6. Aaj Rapat Jaayein – Namak Halal

Oh, that chemistry between Smita Patil and Amitabh Bachhan, well love can be displayed with such a playful banter without being lewd, cheerssss!!

7. Lagi Aaj Sawan ki – Chandni

An unusual pick, this one is a tragic rendition by Suresh Wadkar albeit a fantastic composition. One can only begin to dive and revel in the pain of true love and losing a loved one with this piece.

8. Koi Ladki Hai – Dil to Paagal hai

This one is my personal favourite. How can anyone not get up and jig a bit when Karisma Kapoor defying all odds, starts dancing in this song’s latter part? A treat for the soul peeps!!

9. Taal Se Taal Mila – Taal

This one is an A.R. Rahman classic.A soulful number speaking of reminiscing a loved one, a much loved song over the years. That alaap by sukhvinder, just wowww!

10. Hum Tum – Hum Tum

If there was ever a delicate tete-a-tete depicting love in all its innocence and beauty, this has to be it. The chemistry between Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee in this one, cutenesss overload!!

11. Rhythms of Mohabbatein – Mohabbatein

Ok, agreed this one is also an unconventional pick. But the racy saucy culmination of new love into a full blown one shown in this one is style, sass! Simplicity all rolled in one. Takes your heart beats up by a notch, the beats of this instrumental track.

12. Tujhe Yaad na Meri aayi – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Alas! The pain of losing in love, betrayal, melancholy, you name it and this one seems to frame it. I remember this one especially for the singer Manpreet’s voice and Geeta Kapoors rare on screen cameo. Uff, Dil cheer liya!!

13. Roop Tera Mastana – Aaradhana

A sizzling classic with smouldering chemistry between Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, this one has hints of jazz too.

14. Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye – Dilwale Dulhania Le jayenge

Hardly anyone can forgot this cult number. What with kajol dancing away in that cute little dress in the rain, the ideal song for all those adolescent lovelies who have those stars in their eyes and dreams.

15. Na Jaane Kahan se aayi hai – Chaalbaaz

One of the best numbers of the late Sridevi, this one from Chaalbaaz is simply all things love and fun.

Not to forget the bubbly, playful demeanour Sridevi lends to the character in this one.

16. Kate Nahin Kat Te – Mr. India

 And to wrap them all up, I couldn’t find a better track.

Indeed, to be honest if ‘sexy’ and ‘superb’ were allowed to be attributed to one individual performance, the late diva Sridevi takes the cake with this one.

That blue sari with oodles of romance dripping through her eyes and that choreography, uffff!!

A rarity, probably impossible to recreate…

So peeps, grab that cup of chai or that mug of coffee and go and revel the mesmerizing magic of these lovely rainy numbers with your beloved.

See you again with more such lovely heart warming tracks compiled for you. Do let us know what would you like to read here next.

Till then, keep waltzing and dancing coz life is all about love and its celebrations.

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