Top 6 Pocket-Friendly Beauty products – Revealed

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Top 6 Pocket-Friendly Beauty products – Revealed

There is no definition of beauty. But when you can see someone’s spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that’s beautiful to me.

Liv Taylor

Indeed, it is the indomitable spirit of the person which makes them beautiful. However, one cannot deny that using some of the available beauty products nowadays end up making you shine and look better than before.

So what is it for you all my lovelies? Korean ‘Glass Skin’, pretty pouty lips or flawlessly perfect almond eyes? Well, to be honest, all of this is now possible thanks to the vast array of products available.

Beauty companies nowadays ensure pocket-friendly beauty products to suit both the needs as well as the pockets of the consumer. The Post Covid World has compelled everybody to spend frugally. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that quality simply cannot be compromised at the cost of spending less.

So worry not, people, because here is a list of all those pocket-friendly beauty products revealed for you.

Every woman, be it working or a housewife, always has a little ensemble of beauty products she uses and carries around in her handbag. These essential articles of make-up are her go-to items, the ones she requires on a daily, constant basis, be it stepping out for work or leisure.

Following is a small essential list of 6 Pocket-friendly beauty products we have compiled for you:

1. Foundation/CC Cream/Mousse

The first bare basics of makeup for anyone, this forms the main ingredient of clean, single toned skin. There are many kinds of products having different kinds of formula bases for this available in the market. Be it the FIT ME Foundation range by Maybelline having 18 shades or the Lakme CC Cream, which promises to be your mini skin stylist, or the recent 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation, all of these are not only pocket-friendly beauty products but also fulfil the daily needs of our beauty essentialities effortlessly. The best part is that they come in competitive, compact budget packing too, which is affordable and easy to carry around.

 2. Lip Color and Gloss Combo

I highly recommend this. Having both is beneficial as you can go from an office basic lips, subtle look to an evening formal, party kind of look in a jiffy. In fact, companies like Miss Claire offer a 2 in 1 gloss cum colour stick that has both, one on either side of the stick, making it user-friendly and light on the pocket. Lip Business sorted!

3. Kajal/Eye Liner

One’s eyes simply cannot look complete without applying this. True, it is when they say your eyes speak volumes about you. Thus, you need to dress them too, right?

Many options are available in this product range, from the famous Lakme Iconic to Maybelline to FACES to many other brands. I would say go for the pencil instead of the chalk version so that you can double that up as an eyeliner ( the one you apply on top, not under the eye like kajal) whenever you want to give that extra oomph to your eyes.

4. Compact

Another must-have in every woman’s bag, this is one product we all simply cannot do without. Be it the Radiance range by Lakme or the Oil control One by Maybelline, all variants available fall in the category of pocket-friendly beauty products that are consistently pursued and purchased, staying with us for keeps.   

5. Pocket Deos

Probably one of the coolest and most happening trends in recent years, these cool, easy to carry Deos are user friendly as well as one of the most pocket-friendly beauty products. Because hey, everyone always wants to smell fresh always, right? Ahem, Point taken!!

6. Blush Doubles up as a Highlighter Combo

Okay, I am going to be honest, this one is more of an accidental discovery I made when I realised a combination of a pale or blush pink blush along with a pearl white shade could actually help me elevate my complete makeup game. Along with working as a blush, the pink blush can be used as an eyeshadow, and the pearl white one with the help of an eyeshadow blender brush can be used to highlight the eyebrows and the nose line, refining and uplifting my whole look and makeup. Keep a couple of brushes for the same handy along with these shades and presto!! Makeup sorted!! Vega has some very good brushes for a steal deal. For the Blushes, you can choose from Lakme, AYA, INCOLOR, FACES and so on.

So go ahead and indulge in that beautification today.

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express “ as Francis Bacon said. That beauty is achievable only through such pampering yourself and diving into such indulgences. So keep shining, Lovelies!!

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