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When we speak about the cliche soft girl aesthetic, a calming and lighthearted fashion typically comes to mind. This path to femininity, still, can be referred to in all parts of life, from your wardrobe to the songs that you hear to the way you spend your days. In conclusion, being a soft girl is more than just dressing up; it’s more of a way of living. With satisfying pastel tones, ethereal accessories, and extensively cute designs, the soft girl aesthetic is a modernistic yet relatively familiar path to hyperfeminine sensibility, and we are here for it. A soft girl is polite to everyone and approachable, with an impulse for sweet-as-candy attire and jewellery. Cropped cardigans and pleated skirts, slip dresses, and bucket hats adorned with charismatic hearts, clouds, or flowery themes are common features of every soft girl’s outfit.

Mentioned below are a few ways you can incorporate the soft girl aesthetic into your life:

Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses are must-haves, and soft girls carry them much more frequently than the average 2020s girl is likely to. The more flowy and more cottage-style, the better. Comfy materials, long-tiered skirts, and ruffled and puffy sleeves are some of the staples of soft girl fashion. You can never go wrong with an elegant and feminine-figured dress, like a sundress or a nap dress.

Oversized and comfy clothes

Let’s make one thing clear: no one carries an oversized fit better than soft girls. Their attire involves wide-legged jeans and cute, mushy, oversized sweaters. Through a balance of oversized attire, soft girls draw on looks that are both cute and comfy. They usually stay away from athletic wear unless they are working out, and then they go for pastel-shade gym wear.

Cardigans and tennis skirts

Cropped Vest

Perhaps the most immediately recognisable style of soft girl style dressing, cardigans are solely carrying this trend. From monochromatic pastel styles to funky knits and colour blocking, we’ve noticed a slew of transcendently cute dress combos with the softest cardigans. Layer your cardigan over a crop top or wear it on its own, leaving a few top and bottom buttons undone, with a tennis skirt or a pair of pants in corresponding or conflicting shades. Don’t forget to add a cute bucket hat and a minimalist shoulder bag.

Cropped vests and turtlenecks

Agreed, pastel crop tops are nowadays conquering our Instagram feeds, so you likely have a quite good idea of how to exploit their cuteness for a soft girl aesthetic. Whether you’re a polo shirt or turtleneck girl, the styling options are all in your favour. For a soft, girly aesthetic, pair your favourite polo shirts with cropped vests in pastel shades. Alternatively, pair a pastel-coloured turtleneck top with endless layering potential, like an overcoat and a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Being a soft girl is truly an identity thing, so it’s not for every girl. Although there are undeniably some soft girl rituals that we all can pick up because, in the end, soft girls are all about adopting womanhood and living a sweet and simple life.

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