UnMarry Me | Vani Kabir | Book Review

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UnMarry Me by Vani Kabir

Suditi Gupta

Short Stories


This is a poignant collection of beautifully penned poems and short stories that has power to shatter you into million pieces


“in those memories that hold the past dearly
you ever so repeatedly dig
& far goes away the laughter, the charisma
& also the feeling of kilig.”

This is a part of a poem taken from UnMarry Me: Divorce poems,
heartbreaking stories & undoing hurt by Vani Kabir. This book of short
stories and poems mainly targets those people who are going through a
divorce or are in any kind of abusive relationship. For other readers, it is
a stark depiction of feelings of these people and how we, as a society
sometimes treat them.

The stories and poems are very short, and yet they move the reader
deep down to their core. The way in which Vani Kabir tells these stories
has left me in pieces. The poetry and short stories are very raw. I felt
each and every emotion; the pain, sorrow, love, coursing through me as
I read the book.

The book can also be categorized as self-help, as it directly talks to the
reader and convinces them to take the right decision. The book has tips
peppered throughout it. Another thing that I loved about the book is its
design format. Excluding the content, UnMarry Me is illustrated
gorgeously. The poetries and stories are paired up with beautiful stock
photos. All this combined in one brought a huge wave of emotions
crashing down on me. The result, as you would have guessed, is that I
am completely shattered.

The writing is nothing but beautiful. Vani Kabir, other than being a
relationship specialist is a great writer and I appreciate her effort in writing this book. The usage of specific words to send your heart in upheaval and relate to the pain has been done admiringly well. If I were to summarize what the author wants to say in the book, it would be that it is better to Unmarry than to remain married if the conditions are not comfortable.

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