Until I Write a Beautiful Suicide Note | Gurinder Singh | Book Review

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Until I Write A Beautiful Suicide Note

Pouring his pain into words, here comes a writer whose poetry is as deep and painful as it can get. Poems, traditionally written as well as in the micro-style and also snippet and one-liners make up for this melancholic yet cathartic ensemble which is in many ways as fulfilling as it is unsettling. Pieces of emotional portrayals depicting the state of one’s pained, grieving heart and soul are what constitute this writing. A deeply intense piece of writing.

Until I Write a Beautiful Suicide Note

Review by Neelam Sharma, Booxoul.com

Author: Gurinder Singh
Writing Style
Prose & Poetry


CactusI am a cactus in the clouds waiting for the rains it me or the world around me. who is a lunatic and whom I call insane with all that love and hate you pass through they still cannot seeThe real inner man is so hard to figure out if it is a tragedy or a blessing maybe my heart does not have a brain but the essence of my story is that I am good at hiding pain am a cactus in the clouds waiting for the rain


Have you ever drunk pain in its most intense form? Believe me, it is the most toxic drink coz neither will it let you swallow it nor will it let you throw it back out. Also, it happens to be a truly addictive one as once in intense pain, believes it or not, you shall be in a vicious rigmarole of sorts, kinda stuck between the coils of that suffering, detesting it, yet somehow making it your spot of solace and comfort too.

Well, a book of poems and reflective musings I recently read and completed was something that got me to terms with this stark realization that yes, pain which is pure melancholy is also cathartic in the same scenario as we tend to get into a cycle of the sort, having come to terms making it a strangely indispensable part of our lives. It happens mostly in those scenarios where the pain is more by way of a pre-destined happening and not one’s own choice. Until I Write a Beautiful Suicide Note by Gurinder Singh is a piece where he has poured out the pain of his life and soul, laying them bare for all to see and experience. Many times it so happens that we may not be privy to the transpiring of life. Yet, it becomes difficult to come to terms with one’s fate as suffering is a poison that is slow acting as well as painfully toxic. What one experiences or sees in one’s life in the form of other instances too, sometimes forms the base for this painful fate.

However, many times this very pain becomes a sort of a cathartic soother, reliving one of their misery, becoming a platform to purge all that is dark, like a plunger reliving the entire blockage completely. For Gurinder, this book is perhaps a path to a Nirvaana of sorts as he has managed to pour his pain onto paper with his pen. Through poems written reflecting the deepest of musings, perusing life at arm’s length, here is a writer whose work is as daunting as it comforting as chaotic as it was cathartic.

There are several pieces which he has written which will leave you feeling strange, and vague and yet shall relate with you in a manner which will be all too familiar. Remember the time we tend to become so over full, right to the brim with our emotional baggage that all we can do is simply dump them off our backs, searching for an indication for the smallest of respites for these loads? Well, Gurinder has done the same, albeit he has also ensured that alongside offloading these loads, he imparts some sort of soothing as far as they are concerned so that one is not simply left stuck in the vortex of pain in this whirlpool but is also able to step away from it, mulling yet healed from the impact.

Poems like Fear, Riddle, Ghosts, and a lonely poem are some of my favourite names. With a practised yet fresh sort of approach, Gurinder’s poems are not exactly like a warm cup of coffee on a cold day. Albeit they are like a slosh of icy cold waves, unbound and unhindered yet calming in a compelling sort of way. A lonely poem is my favourite piece. A fine debut.

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