Walks Through Life: Stories by Santhosh K. Komaraju

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I am the kind of person who is a habitual fictional novel reader. Normally many of us prefer lengthy novels that walk with us like a friend. For a change, I came across a book or better way to say compilation of a few short stories of Author Santhosh and it was a delight reading it. It reminded me of Sunday Newspaper short stories which give us some insight into people’s journey through tough times and their life stories.

Pages: 136

Publishing House: Notion Press

Walks Through Life’ is a collection of 9 stories. I can’t classify them as short stories as each story is 20-30 pages long. Santhosh has ensured that every story has its own era and morals. There are many characters about whom I still think as if they are my long-lost friends. These stories take us to different phases of life as if every story is defining a new emotion. The stories were so poignant that I was swept off in the wave of the melange of emotions showcased throughout my reading. Few imperfect characters are helping the story to become perfect. I am mentioning all 9 titles as they are the first to witness the unique creation of Author Santosh Komaraju.

  1. The Hidden Kingship
  2. Divine Ax
  3. Blessing From a Curse
  4. A Letter From the Well
  5. Beyond the Bar Of Humanity
  6. Rise Of Motherhood
  7. Two Misjudgments
  8. King Of All
  9. A Gold Message

For young readers, this book is a good start to their reading journey. As the debutant author Komaraju mentioned, somewhere these stories hint about Hindu mythology beliefs. Author Santosh believes that mythology stories not only describe historical events but also they teach us valuable lessons somewhere. Narration is like a descriptive and creative journey to ride on. Compelling, smooth and very intricately woven.

But while reading, I sometimes felt that a few stories or a particular few segments were unnecessarily written or a bit stretched. Overall, this was a book, I enjoyed reading a lot. ‘Walks Through Life’ is a book, I’d like people to read it at least once.

I would like to rate this imaginative creation, 4 out of 5 stars. I will be looking forward to the next book by Author Santosh Komaraju.

Walks Through Life: Stories

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