2029: A Book Exploring a Dystopian Future | A Book Review

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A book that will leave you with many questions – 2029, a dystopian fiction by Swati Khatri.

It is a dystopian fiction which has so much rolled in so less. A story which gives us a foray into what it feels like to be genuinely pushed to the edge of the post-apocalyptic new world. Swati’s latest sci-fi is an insight giving us a feeling of the new normal where emotions are affected and humanity and its existence stand threatened.

The pandemic did not take away only lives, it shaved away a chunk of people’s life living itself.


Indeed, the pandemic of COVID 19 has shown us the true importance of not only human emotions but also the true significance of how crucial it is to live a normal life without inhibitions and fears, gliding one’s way in life, in a free, thoughtless manner.

And after having read a dystopian fiction set in the future, which managed to convey a ton, in spite of being small in size-no of pages, I mean. 2029 by Swati Khatri is a book set in future, that managed to convey our fears in a matter of some pages. 

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Really COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns were a period so nightmarish that all I could do was pray each passing day that may God give each and every one of us the strength to look beyond what was actually transpiring. And I believe, that happened to be exactly the problem too, in those days, overthinking and also the fear of the unknown.

2029: A Book Exploring a Dystopian Future | A Book Review

Swati, through the story of Maanvi, has made us privy to those fears which we held during such turbulent times, showing us the conscious and doubtful side of our human nature. Focusing on an ever-changing lifestyle thanks to technology also sheds light on what we tend to ignore even when we have the best of technology on our side-yes, the humane touch. We somewhat forget that aspect attached and also how that is the single most important aspect in the whole scenario.

Ok, agreed that Maanvi’s attitude was somewhat debatable but hey weren’t we all as apprehensive, and over-cautious as her when faced with the prospective travesties staring at us in the face when we were in the eye of the storm aka the pandemic? Swati has portrayed those inhibitions, those fears lurking in our minds brilliantly through Maanvi’s character making us acquainted with the other side of human behaviour as well as human nature. A short yet meaningful read encapsulating how we as humans need to demarcate and also respect the differentiation and weightage we give to both human emotions as well as technology.

I especially want to comment on how in spite of being a short read, Swati has put across a ton load of detailing, presenting us not only her idea and morale but doing so in a way where she has interwoven the story in such a manner that one cannot help but wonder at how she managed to portray so much in so short a narrative. With simple yet clear language, the story is short, yet impactful.

Ever felt the overwhelming presence of AI especially in your daily lives, when one instance you may have discreetly spoken something to your spouse or mom, discussing certain objects, ideas or concepts and the next thing you see is brand endorsements flashing on all your social media pertaining exactly either to what you spoke or in a sort of a response mechanism? Well, that is AI for you. Imagine with that kind of encroachment, where do we go from here? Are we stable and equipped enough to handle this technological encroachment in a balanced manner? Can we ourselves not create the much-needed equilibrium where we strike the balance in a manner which is in tandem with us and humanity at large? Exactly my point and Swati’s too, I feel.

I could see that she has kept a cliffhanger of sorts at the end, as in spite of ending the tale, she leaves a lot to the readers’ imagination as well as an opening for a next in the series, to fuel and supplicates this concept she has given a shout out to. A brilliant dystopian sci-fi, this one is what I would say a little pocket and yet detonated enough to impact enough akin to a holocaust.


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Swati Khatri



The story is set in 2029 when artificial intelligence is reliable and smart homes are a way of life.
Here robots can do household chores; drones can take up home deliveries and cars can drive all by themselves. But in the midst of all these advancements, there is something which is still the same. Human emotions are as messed up as ever.

Well, to know further you will have to read it.


So, hope you guys liked these thoughts, little ol’ me put forth on 2029 by Swati Khatri. Do recommend me some more impactful reads. Also, stay tuned right here at Booxoul for the best in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, travel, tech and gadgets, food, finance as well as all things bookish.

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