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There are countless books available in the market as far as explaining financial terminologies related to investing is concerned. And yet, the majority of them are a tad bit complex, unapproachable and a tad bit “overwhelming” as far as their narrative goes. Age of Investing by Piyush Kamra is a book which not only explains all the financial concepts related to investing in a clear, concise and simplified manner but also does a superb job of educating all those who might as yet be non-privy to the benefits of being enlightened towards the importance of investing in one’s life.

Age of Investing

Neelam Sharma
Author: Piyush Kamra


To make the most of your income and savings, it’s important to become financially literate, so you can distinguish between good and bad advice and make smart decisions.

Indeed, I agree with Piyush’s words. Certainly, one should not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving. One should save at least 40% of their monthly income for the future.

Yes, this also happens to be the advice I have heard over the years from my father, uncle, brothers, and all those who handle and also take an interest in financial matters. But, over some time, working around the ergonomics of money, savings, and expenses, I realized how important knowledge of financials is in any person’s life, especially in today’s competitive times when every penny earned is worthwhile and every penny spent is equally important to be planned.

When I first came across Age of Investing by Piyush Kamra, I felt that it is simply another “financial manual or journal” as I like to call it. Yes, one cannot deny that there are countless of them, floating around, each claiming to be better than the previous. In such a scenario, naturally, I was a bit reluctant to be diving into this one, not that I do not like reading these but because I find them a bit exhausting from the complexity point of view.

However, Age of Investing by Piyush Kamra, to my pleasant surprise is a very untangled, informative and most importantly, for me least a completely eye-opening sort of read, Giving me clarity from grass root levels, this brilliant gem talks about everything related to savings as well as all aspects of handling one’s financials.

Right from savings to investing, bifurcating one’s portfolios, reducing risks on investments, to selecting the correct means towards balancing one’s financial portfolio, this book is a terrific help.

Breaking down all concepts elementally, Piyush has aptly explained the mechanisms associated with money, with how one can efficiently, optimally, and expertly, handle their earnings, converting a good portion to savings and that too, with a good amount of return, long term.

To do so, it is essential to understand the basic concepts of mutual funds, equity, debt, and investments of all kinds, as well as all those related ideas which one needs to have stark clarity about, before being able to strike the right equation as far as money and its optimal allocation are concerned.

I had expected a lot of complex theory explanations, heavy mind maps, figures, and diagrams to adorn this one. However, what I was not at all expecting was such a simplified yet brilliant explanation of the concepts, right from the foundational levels. Yes, we often dissuade ourselves from accepting that we are fundamentally unclear as far as financial concepts are concerned because we feel a sense of inferiority and thus refrain from even gathering the correct information and educating ourselves. However, this book is a sincere attempt to break those shackles and enlighten one to the core.

Yes, we need to know and budget our finances, insure them and then think about investing, as Piyush has rightly pointed out and elucidated through his narrative. Educating further on the types of investments, he has given a bit-by-bit breakdown of each of the instruments used in doing so, be it Equity, Mutual Fund, EPF, PPF, Cryptocurrency and all other such vital ones which can be used to do so. Explaining in depth the parameters of each, he has listed down the pros and cons of the same, in a way which was simple to follow and adapt to. Also educating further on different investment schemes such as NPS, Atal Pension Yojana, SSY, G-Sec, Capital Gain Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds, ELSS, T-Bills, Deposits, and Mutual Funds, he has, in a nutshell, completely split open the entire finance terminologies in a manner which will even make it simple for a common layperson to understand and adhere to.

Piyush also touched upon the key concepts of real estate such as REIT( Real estate Investment trust) which I especially felt, needs to be understood completely, in today’s times, when real estate is the market, which is the place you need to be and take advantage of.

Segregating the entire investment planning based on 5 age groups, under 30, 30-38, 38-45, 45-60 and 60 and above, Piyush has carved a discernible road map for all, which each one of us, regardless of the income group, class or country we might be from, can easily follow and gain from.


Indeed, as he rightly said- “Financial literacy increases your likelihood of making wise financial decisions because you’ll be able to distinguish between good and bad advice”, I, for one, would call this book a treasure trove of information, especially for all those who want to sharpen their knowledge, right from the grass root level. In this brilliant piece of writing, Piyush has managed to create a masterpiece as far as a grand narrative on learning the basics of investing is concerned. Explained simply, his narrative is clear, on-point illustrates wherever necessary, and most importantly, is on target in establishing a clear picture as far as investing is concerned. A superb book, I would say go for it even if you are a non-reader as this one here is not a book, but a true financial manual, educating you more than anything.

A superb finance-related one, I’d say.

So, hope you guys liked my book review of Age of Investing by Piyush Kamra.

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