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A light, fun yet introspective read, And Before she Realised it by Piroja Shroff is the story of a woman who has the usual life full of ups and downs, highs and lows till the Almighty decides to reset her life, giving her a second chance to correct her mistakes. Where will life lead her?

Sometimes life is such a funny place to be in, right? A confluence of choices, it is upon the person living it to ensure that the life he/she lives is the one wherein all is done and nothing seems amiss. Agreed, that is not always the case scenario and it might not be possible for one to address everything and get all that they want in life. Still, it is an act we all peruse, trying to live life at the maximum potential possible, trying to do it all at once. 

A book I finished “And Before she Realised it..” by Piroja Shroff is one such read. Encapsulating the true essence of what one must really look at when leading one’s life and trying to live it successfully, here is Piroja with the story of Nadia who is not at all to terms with her life. Experiencing a host of emotions, including parental separation, attachment and detachment, a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and trying to discover her own identity, Piroja shows us the true what is versus what could have been the case scenario had Nadia chosen to change her life. 

You know there are instances in life when you really want to take another route but fail to do so for one reason or another. Regrets and wrong decisions are a part of our lives and many a time we also wonder and pray that “Wish I had another shot at this, another chance to call the shots on this one.

Well, in this book in the case of our protagonist Nadia, God does exactly that. I really enjoyed the manner in which Piroja has taken a uniquely fresh approach to address this hypothetical yet ingeniously relatable scenario where God actually resets Nadia’s life, giving her a new lease on living.

Be it Nadia’s emotional turmoil, the other characters Piroja has penned down alongside Nadia’s character, the narrative, the manner in which the plot proceeds, everything seemed to vibe, for me personally because I could not only relate to each and every aspect, the fact that life has been explained subtly and surreptitiously in this one is what was, for me a pleasant reading experience. There is humour, drama, emotion and so much zest and zeal in this one that I almost felt as if I was back in my own younger days.

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A great read, especially for youngsters I’d say, for whom it also is imparting as well as engaging. I want to point out here that it is not always easy to put forward a read which is enticing enough for youngsters to take stock of a fun read as well as key moral giveaways from life.

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I especially want to mention here that the poetry put at regular intervals throughout the book was not only a great respite but an indulgent piece of reading. Not only were the pieces written sublime enough they were fulfilled in a manner and also the perfect accompaniment, giving that nudge forward to the story in the perfect manner.

A great read, pick this one up for a lazy, weekend reading or when you really want to indulge in a piece of young yet morally enlightening fiction. Especially G’s angle aka God’s angle was the one that had me hooked in this one.

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And Before She Realised It

Neelam Sharma
Author: Piroja Shroff



Nadia is like every other girl. She dates, she has friends, she has baggage with her parents, she thinks she has fallen in love and she hopes to live happily ever after. But what makes her journey different is that this is the second time she is living through it.
Nadia has lived, loved and made all these mistakes once before. The last time, by the end of her life, she spiralled hard, hit rock bottom and before she realised it, an epiphany crept in. She finally saw what she could have done differently.
So, she was granted a second chance; a reset.
Her ever-present cheerleader, the God, resets her life so she can live through the same circumstances once more and hopefully, choose with courage this time.
But shaking age-old patterns is harder than she had anticipated. Making tough choices is not everyone’s cup of chai, you know.
Can Nadia actually alter her course in this reset?
Or is she doomed to repeat her story all over again?


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