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The Booker Prize Shortlist: Western Lane by Chetna Maroo, a Book Review

How does it feel when you lose a loved one? Life seems to just dissipate in pieces, isn’t it? Or is it more like you seem to compartmentalize and live, a piece at a time because you have been blown into countless smithereens at the loss of their lives, ain’t it? Brutally out but elementally true, Western Lane by Chetna Maroo is a coming-of-age novella that explores much more than sisterhood, grief and the turnstiles of the funny journey called life.

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Sense of a Quiet | Deepak Kripal | Book Review

Can one understand another’s emotions even if unspoken? Is it only love that can keep two people bound together or are there other factors such as trust, understanding and mutual respect too? And what if either of these ceases to exist? Where does one land from there? Presenting Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal, a contemporary fiction which will give you much more than just an ordinary tale..

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