5 Books to Read if You Want to Make Epic Money

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Inflation is raging away like a bull, and there is also a large possibility of a recession on the cards. In such a scenario, while all are looking for ways to make more money, the question arises whether, in such a fast-paced time, making money is sufficient or if one needs to go the extra mile and make Epic money. That’s right, epic money, aka money that elevates one’s life as well as overall being complete. So, we thought of getting together and bringing you today’s books to read if you want to make Epic Money

Money is a subject we are all interested in, isn’t it? Be it rich or poor, money is a subject of interest for everyone. And when it comes to the question of learning how to earn some more, don’t we all look out for better hacks to do the same?

Well, quite so, since one can never have enough money, right? (pssst, says even the biggest of trillionaires, who perhaps have more money than he can even figure out!)

However, today I am going to be sharing some book recommendations with you all, which you must read if you want to make epic money. That’s right, I thought of getting you some cool advice on money-making peeps. The skill sets you need to inculcate and achieve to do so. To do so, one also needs to do away with redundant, obsolete practices one might have adhered to earlier. Thus, the idea here is pretty clear: to understand how to make epic money, one first needs to read and peruse the complete science and art of making money.

So then, straight into it, here are 5 books to read if you want to make epic money:

Money-Making Skills by Warren Buffet
Money Making Skills by Warren Buffet Make Epic Money

Everyone will agree that when it comes to Warren Buffet, he holds a status akin to that of a living legend as far as finance is concerned. So then, how about getting a roadmap to navigate and manoeuvre the intricate complexities of investments and also setting up the most feasible financial strategy using actionable lessons from this grandmaster of finance himself? It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Containing principles by Buffet himself, these practical skills shall not only empower you to make informed financial decisions, but they shall be your first guide towards learning how to make epic money too. A must-read for all, I would say.

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel
The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel Make Epic Money

Did you know that teaching behaviour is one of the hardest things to do? Yes, psychology is a complex, multi-layered thing, even when it comes to money matters.

Recognizing the real-time presence of psychology and emotion in money-making, this book has 19 short stories that teach one how to analyze their relationship with money on a much deeper level. It also fathoms how history, worldview, and one’s psychology can play an extremely crucial role in one’s success or failure. An extremely invaluable resource, this one is surely a great guide to understanding how to manage finance effectively. A guide that simply doesn’t give tips and tricks on how to do things; rather, it talks about changing one’s thinking style. This is akin to a new-age Bible-type handbook for money-making.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Published way back in 1937, this one is a classic constructed by Napoleon over 20 years, stretching right from World War I right through the Great Depression. During the years, he has interviewed more than 500 of the most successful individuals in the US, encapsulating their key takeaways and insights into 13 principles and assimilating them into what he calls the “Philosophy of Achievement.”. The best part is that anyone can easily break down every one of these principles to utilize as per their needs and benefit hugely from them.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason
The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason

Written in a story-parable format, this is one book that is widely read and has been acclaimed across the world too. Containing details related to the creation of wealth, the book has some amazing stories that one will surely enjoy indulging in and partaking in knowledge from. It also stresses how one needs to save a portion of their money to build upon one’s wealth, thus siding a portion of the amass, in troubled times. It also speaks about how one needs to invest wisely to build substantial long-term wealth. What personally kept me hooked on it was the fact that it discusses the “five laws of gold,” providing one with insights on how to be in clover and also keep good luck at one’s side while managing money and its facets.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsay
The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsay

Consisting of a plan of 7 “baby” steps to create as well as sustain financial freedom, this great piece of writing by Dave Ramsay also stresses the importance of living frugally, aka below one’s means, doing away with debts, and also building funds for contingencies. Working towards making money by going onto that path using a rather “brute force” approach, this book is surely one super practical guide to making epic money. What also attracted me to this one was the fact that it gives out advice keeping the middle class in mind, which is something I feel is much needed and not often brought up. Yes, the middle class comprises one of the biggest categories in the world, and yet there aren’t many books that peruse money-making skill sets from their perspective and vantage point. So, a unique USP for this one there.

When I recently received an ARC of Ankur Warikoo’s latest, Make Epic Money, that was the time I felt that I should write this one and share with you all some of those books that are based upon the theory of money-making and explain how to go about doing so successfully. I look forward to reading Ankur’s next. Meanwhile, if you want to follow my reading journey of Warikoo’s books, do follow me on Instagram and check out my stories.

So, these are 5 books you must read if you want to make epic money. Do let me know in the comments which ones you have read or are planning to read. Also, stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, food, fun, finance, fashion, travel, lifestyle, education, well-being, tech, gadgets, and all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!

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