Because It’s You by Venuka Goyal – Exploring Relationship Dynamics and Romance

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A refreshing and unique romance fiction, Because it’s You, Love in Indore: Book 2 by Venuka Goyal

Is the latest to hit the romance firmament and it is a story you must indulge in for realizing and appreciating the valour and integrity of relationship ergonomics in one’s life.

Getting divorced doesn’t mean you failed at marriage. It means you as a team failed at that marriage.

True these words are. A marriage which is always a combined effort put in not only by 2 people but by the families as well of those 2, is a relationship more like Pandora’s box I feel. To be able to remove it from the box, first, you have to put quite a bit in it to be able to derive as well as harvest and enjoy the fruits of happiness and a successful relationship. Love and romance aside, marriage is a more serious business, one which surely needs maturity, care, compassion and most importantly the ability to be understanding as well as accommodating towards your partner.

In case you are wondering what has gotten into me to discuss relationship ergonomics today then well let me confess-there is this unique romantic fiction I happened to read and finish recently by Venuka Goyal titled: Because it’s you: Love in Indore, Book 2. A book which gave me such a douse through the tidal pools of emotions and relationship dynamics that I have left spluttering with a host of feelings which although not being privy to or a party to, I have still managed to experience and fathom. 

A love story, perhaps like no other, this is the tale of Dr Neerav and Dr Shweta, both of whom, seem to be harbouring much more pain in their lives, thanks to their past. Whilst on one hand Dr Neerav is Neeti’s brother (remember she was the main protagonist in Venuka’s first book who got married to Ronit?). Well, Neerav is Neeti’s brother and also a scientist who gets posted at a lab in Indore. After his father’s sudden demise, he has devoted himself to taking care of his mother as well as the well-being of his sister Neeti. And whilst he seems to have finally gotten into a comfortable space now as far as settling his sister happy and getting his mother out of the inferno of compromised mental health, it is surely about the time he starts thinking about his own life. As luck would have it who should enter the lab facility but someone he has known for ages and who he seems not to have forgotten about?

Hmm, enter Dr Shweta another driven talented scientist who unfortunately harbours the past of a painful divorce. Having shut down her emotional bondage and dependency upon anybody, she seems strange as well as difficult, jumpy and vulnerable at the idea of exploring the territory of love again. A painful, toxic relationship being the bane of her existence and her emotional baggage too, will she move on or allow her past to continue haunting and disrupting her present as well as future?

Can the 2 get together and strike a chord whilst they give it a try? Or will they fail to connect in the absence of any emotion that either seems to get devoid of when the other decides to show some? Read the story to know more.

For starters, I must compliment how brilliantly Venuka has portrayed and depicted relationship ergonomics without the inclusion of unnecessary details. Many times, I feel reading those parts especially becomes overwhelming which talk of heartbreak, loss of a loved one, cheating, infidelity and so on. And yet, the emotion will surely hit you slowly and subtly in this one. I felt Shweta’s pain as well as the uncertainty she was displaying at many points in time and could relate to why she was doing so. Ditto in Neerav’s case as it was evident that it was not so easy for him to battle out the demons from his past to get onto normalcy in life. Stepping into the shoes of the head of the family, the caretaker is a tricky job and I could feel the plunge and the pressure his character was experiencing. 

The build-up of romance and the camaraderie between Neerav and Shweta might be casual but very sensitively and sensibly put across by Venuka Goyal. It was not your usual lovey-dovey rosy romance rather it was a sensible, closer to reality kind of an affair Venuka has put forward through this one.


A brilliant plot, simple yet enjoyable writing, a decent gait and perfect character building are surely the plus points that make this book a superb read. Brownie points to Venuka for ensuring that the book even though being the next in the series is nevertheless independent in its approach as far as the story and the eventual transcendence towards the climax and the ending go. You can read this one even independently as it is a plot on its own. A great romantic read.

Because It’s You

Neelam Sharma
Author: Renuka Goyal

Writing Style


Neerav is a scientist posted at a National Research Lab in Indore. Apart from working long hours at his office, he has devoted the last several years of his life to taking care of his mother and sister after his father’s untimely demise. His sister Neeti is well settled now with a job and happy marriage and his mother’s mental health has stabilized. It’s about time Neerav thought about what he wants for himself in his personal life. As luck would have it, a certain someone has recently been transferred to Indore. A certain someone who has the most unforgettable smile. A certain someone whom Neerav had met at his training in Mumbai several years ago. But does she even see him as anything more than a colleague?

Shweta is a driven and talented scientist who has worked at a research facility in Mumbai for many years. She is annoyed that she has been sent to the much smaller research facility in Indore for a project. But when this annoying transfer leads to an encounter with this guy she was in training school with, will Shweta have the courage to let him into her life? Or will she allow her past to dictate her future?

Remember Neeti from ‘You’re stuck with me for life!’? Remember how her mother was worried about getting her brother to take interest in meeting prospective brides for an arranged marriage? ‘Because it’s You is the story of how Neeti’s brother Neerav ended up getting married.


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