Book Review of You’re Stuck with me for Life by Venuka Goyal

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You’re Stuck with me for Life

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

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Neeti and Ronit ended up having to move to the city of Indore in central India as tragedies struck their respective families. 

​​When Neeti got married to Ronit, all she wanted was to get away from her mentally unstable mother and get into a household that allowed her the freedom to work as a school teacher and the freedom to drive a car. In return, if she had to take care of her in-laws and manage the household, she was okay with that. 

When Ronit got married to Neeti, he just wanted to get a daughter-in-law for his parents. His father had refused to undergo the bypass surgery that the doctor had recommended unless Ronit got married and Neeti came along at the right time. Having tried his hand at love and having failed at converting his previous year-long relationship into a love-marriage, he was not convinced that a woman could be both the wife that he wanted and the daughter-in-law that his family insisted on.

Will Neeti and Ronit continue to live in a loveless marriage, taking it simply as a responsibility? Or will love to sneak up on them on a road trip to Ranthambore?


A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

Dave Meurer

Indeed, it is true that an ideal marriage is something that comes out of persistent dedication, devotion and commitment. It is Pandora’s box, but one where you have to first put in something to derive something later on.

Our book in review today explores the delicate dynamics of this relationship outstandingly whilst giving due importance also to the fact that when love enters any relationship, with its advent life becomes truly magical.

A book that examines not only the ergonomics of arranged marriages but also explores the individual dilemmas of the couple involved post the marriage.

So 2021 for me has been a year of a lot of varied reading. Nevertheless, I had not read a good light romantic fiction which also happens to be my go-to genre for comfort and a spot bit of breakthrough reading. This one has been like a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating me and enticing me with its subtle yet bewitching appeal.

What really kept me latched on was the fact that in spite of being a light read, the writer Venuka has managed to keep the readers hooked from the start. Right from building and exploring Neeti’s character and persona and Ronit’s, to subtly musing over the whole story as a possibility to foray into the emotion of True Love as a whole, she has done a splendid job. The fact the story is told from the vantage of both Ronit and Neeti gives it a complete closer to life perspective. I not only enjoyed meeting these two characters but also was smitten by their whole journey. I was connected with them right until the end.

Not only is Venuka’s writing simple, yet lucid but what also got me hooked is the self-discovery aspect of both the characters whilst the realization towards finding True love.

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Although, I personally felt that the book could have been a bit more longer, say by another 100 pages or so. Actually, the whole life of the couple in question has been so subtly yet interestingly depicted that you cannot help but desire to read more of the same. Especially, once the trip to Ranthambore ensues, it is nothing short of that Bollywood romantic kick where you want to live and run alongside them. Never mind, I am sure Venuka must have had her reasons for keeping it at this length. Nevertheless, the book surely has fabulous material for being made into a Bollywood movie since constitutes all major elements and emotions right from Love, Pain, self-discovery to Arranged Marriages too. All of them have been intertwined and interconnected beautifully, not having even once made it over the top loud or over endearing at any point.

The different soupcon’s of little snippets associated with life after marriage comes across as very refreshing content to explore, different from the usual rambling we generally get to read in romantic fiction. This is one of those few books which does not simply give us the Lovey-Dovey, hunky-dory kind of aspect as far as marriages are concerned.  Rather it attempts to explain and establish the true realities a couple go through and face after marriage, the settling issues and other challenges that form a part of every marriage. Those which are always present but are seldom highlighted, especially in books. Nevertheless, in spite of the closer to life depict ability, the feel-good factor, as well as the energy and the exhilaration, is very much present.

A very good book by Venuka, a roller coaster so good that it is unputdownable and will surely leave its readers asking for more. A brilliant piece of writing by Venuka Goyal compelled me to take a look at her other books as I sincerely feel she handles and portrays sensitive real-life emotions effortlessly as well as with precise efficacy.

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