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Ajay Devgn is an actor who is synonymous with versatility and one who can be measured by the diverse genres he has portrayed brilliantly, Ajay Devgn is one actor who has successfully broken the stereotypes especially since he was termed “non-actor” a few years ago by many. As Drishyam 2 his latest continues to climb a steady success peak at the Box office, a look at the 5 best Hindi movies of Ajay Devgn you must watch now

Well, an actor who is known for his awesome action and yet never did I see a performer deliver with more intensity than him. Yes, three times National Award winner surely does not consciously work for Awards, they just seem to follow as a by-product of his relentless excellence. 

Whilst his previous title Tanhaji-The Unsung Warrior won him the last National, his latest release titled Drishyam 2 which was released on 18th November 2022 is creating a buzz at the box office, thanks to a stellar plot and outstanding performances. A sequel to the previous, this one is surely one of the most anticipated releases of 2022.

So, what is it that makes him so versatile, so delivering, so amazing? 

Well, quoting him in his own words:

Awards & box office success don’t necessarily add pressure or a greater sense of responsibility at this stage of my career. I’ve completed 30 years in Indian cinema. Surely that must stand for something. After a point, responsibility is there through & through. Cinema is my lifeline.

Devgn became a star right after his first film ‘Phool Aur Kaante’ which hit the screens in 1991 and became a runaway hit.

His second film, ‘Jigar (1992), also proved to be a success and bolstered his position as a saleable star. While the trade was exuberant about the new ‘action star’, the media was dripping with cynicism. Though he was acknowledged as a star, aspersions were profusely cast on his acting talent, and – as it happens with most action heroes – he was labelled as a ‘non-actor’.

Over the next few years, Ajay remained among the top 6 commercial stars of the decade along with names such as Salman, Govinda, Sunny, SRK, and Aamir as he reeled off many successful films.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Zakhm’ helped him in shedding the tag of an ‘action-hero’ and heralded a phase where he evinced his versatility by portraying a range of characters with consummate ease. It was also the first time he fetched the National Award for Best Actor in 1998.

Between 2000 and 2005, he turned in an array of stellar performances in ‘Company’, ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’, ‘Khakee’, ‘Raincoat’, and ‘Apharan’ but none of his films became a blockbuster.

In 2002, he received his second National Award for Best Actor for ‘The Legend Of Bhagat Singh’, which was a crackerjack film but unfortunately sank without a trace at the ticket counters

Devgn then fell back on comedy films – which were the flavour at that time – from 2006 to 2010 and enhanced his commercial stature with the ‘Golmaal’ series helmed by his favourite director Rohit Shetty.

The winds of change had started blowing in the corridors of Bollywood by the end of the 2000s with the super success of action potboilers such as ‘Ghajini’, ‘Wanted’ and ‘Dabangg’. Devgn once again evinced that he’s a master of reinvention by harking back to his action image and turning in a memorable performance in ‘Singham’ in 2011.

Also, did you know Ajay met his future wife Kajol on the set of Hulchul, but they didn’t start dating until their second film, Gunda Raj? Because of their opposing personalities, they were labelled as an unlikely couple. According to an interview with The Tribune, Devgn stated, “We never used the standard ‘I Love You’ routine. A proposal was never made. We grew up together. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always on the horizon.” On set, Ajay is known to be a prankster. He is also well-known for his stunts and action sequences in his films.

So, today I thought of getting forth for you guys a list of 5 Ajay Devgn Hindi movies to watch. Please note that these are in no particular order as excellence is a relentless pursuit and Ajay surely knows how to handle excellence on that level. So, straight onto the list of 5 Ajay Devgn Hindi movies, you must watch:


Mi Singham Bajirao…” and yes the lion roared and how! A movie which has actually set a threshold for action movies right from the time it was released in 2011, Devgn yet again proved through this one that he is a total crowd puller and that too using action as a driver. It is not an easy task to entice the crowd purely on the basis of action and Ajay has time and again proven his mettle and aced the game, this one being one of his finest. You have to watch this Rohit Shetty flick to enjoy that garish grumpiness alongside the man himself. Uff, those muscles and that stance making the women go weak in the knees and how! (Umm, I hope Kajol is not reading this 😊)

Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Another amazing Hindi movie, this time Ajay showed all how he is capable of upping his comedy game and that too with a script such as Golmaal, which thanks yet again to his stellar acting has actually become a part of a successful franchise today which continues to rule the box office every time the next in the series is out. Comedy is a genre that always works wonders on the audience magically. Ajay has ensured the 3D formula aka Dedication, deep commitment and drive always works in his favour, bringing out a confluence that is unmatched.


Another stellar, this one for me was, is and always remains a dark horse which albeit a crime flick has a lot of aesthetic value attached to it. Adapted from William Shakespeare’s “Othello”, although had an ensemble of actors and was moderately successful commercially, this one is counted and considered as one of Ajay’s finest performances to date. With a taut script, super sequences and drama, this one was a milestone for Saif Ali Khan too.


This 2002 thriller is a lesser-known gem of Ajay Devgn. A psychological thriller starring Ajay, Akshaye Khanna and Urmila Matondkar as the leads, this used to be one of those movies which still gives me goosebumps. I mean guys you surely cannot miss those amazing court scenes, the manner in which Tarang transforms into Ranjit and then..ok, ok, I am not saying more huh! Just consider before Gone Girl or The Silent Patient were written, this movie which was out much before is possibly one of the most original “it” depictions of a psycho-thriller.

De De Pyaar De

Another Ajay Devgn romcom, this one I must admit is my personal fav. No, it’s not the fact that the romance, the comedy and all those things are what make it so amazing. The way the plot was dealt with, and the maturity Ajay conveys in the role through his non-verbal yet fabulous expressions, this one was one helluva sensible flick. The extramarital affair, divorce, age-gap relationships and such sensitive topics were dealt with beautifully. Tabu, BTW I always feel partners Ajay beautifully on-screen as the two always seem to gel with each other brilliantly.

So, these were the 5 best Ajay Devgn Hindi movies you must watch today.

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Ciao peeps!

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