10 Best KK Songs From Bollywood That Shall Rule Our Hearts Forever

Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai? Will I be able to ever answer this question as easily anymore? A tribute to some of the best KK songs ever4 min

10 Best KK Songs From Bollywood That Shall Rule Our Hearts Forever
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Best KK Songs From Bollywood

31st May 2022 a day that ended with an absolute shocker. The day when we truly lost one more of our “voices of Love” as I fondly remember him. At 53, renowned playback singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, better known as KK passed away after delivering his last performance at a concert in Kolkata. Complaining of uneasiness he was rushed to the hospital right after the concert at Nazrul Mancha auditorium, only to be declared dead upon arrival.

KK was a voice of Love, a voice that collectively symbolized a multitude of emotions. Fondly remembered as a boy refusing to grow up, his songs not only strummed upon the heart string of millions, they were epitomes of a wavelength which is barely ever reached, a benchmark not so easy to breach. Be it love, friendship, or heartbreak, KK sang each song with a fervour that shone through the track, making it his own, inexplicably buoyant or alternately melancholic as per the demand and situation of the number.
Having lost so many golden music personalities this year including Lata Mangeshkar Didi, and Bappi Lahiri Dada, 2022 seems to be in a jinx of some sorts I‘d say, taking away such irreplaceable gems from our lives.

KK’s voice, his songs, and his melodies back in the 90s and 2000s were those which completely defined the aura of the youth back then. A stellar artist, a gifted and immensely talented persona, we at Booxoul want to pay our beloved favourite our heartfelt tribute and respect by getting together a list of his 10 best Bollywood songs which shall make you remember this “young boyish” golden voice till the end of time.

1. Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai From Woh Lamhe

The love anthem of the 2000s not only did the song capture the love story between the characters of the movie it was a part of, but it also became a sort of a love anthem for every person celebrating the “newly found” love of their lives. A personal favourite this one is on the top of the list for sure.

2. Pyaar Ke Pal

The song “Pyaar Ke pal” used to be the most sought after in the 90s, especially with college kids. Giving a full circle sort of feel in life, ironically this is also the track he performed last, at the concert in Kolkata. A major hit back in 1999, this one will go down in History for aeons of time, thanks to this brilliant rendition epitomizing pure love and déjà vu.

3. Khuda Jaane From Bachna Ae Haseeno

A haunting love melody from the 2008 Bolly flick, it was at the top of the music charts and a true love anthem having a cult status. There have barely been such tracks created, imparting a magical quality to Love, made. Probably one of Ranbir – Deepika’s best love songs ever. KK’s smooth voice not only added a pleasant note, but it was also the enigmatic presence of his voice that gave Ranbir the image which captured our minds, bowling us completely.

4. Koi Kahe From Dil Chahta Hai

Ok, strictly speaking, this one was a true party anthem. Celebrating friendship, was a dance number which also spoke of the strong bonding the 3 friends aka the characters shared. A fusion of powerful lyrics and peppy music, it was KK’s voice alongside Shaan and Shankar Mahadevan’s which has made this a timeless, generation-defying number.

5. Dus Bahaane from Dus

A stellar track again, this one was again alongside Shaan and another number which we remember for its foot-tapping tones and the amazing vocals rendered to it. I can so much as go towards saying that this is one song I remember for its zest and zeal, for its lively hip hop of sorts. Remembered for its dance steps and musical notes, this was in fact recreated for the movie Baaghi 3 too seeing its immense popularity.

6. Tu Aashiqui Hai from Jhankaar Beats

A superb composition from Jhankaar Beats, a 2013 film this probably was one of Kk’s career-defining moments. Again having a cult following of sorts, it was a track that spoke of love, of love confessions and added reverence to its tones, thanks to KK’s soulful rendition.

It is a dearly loved number, even today.

7. Aashayein

This song which is the title track of a sports Drama from 2005, is superbly motivating and an inspirational number even today. With powerful lyrics and a voice of Hope, KK has absolutely immortalized this beacon of hope by imparting a truly soulful rendition in this one. 

8. Aankhon Mein Teri From Om Shanti Om

Did love strike anyone? This was a sure shot go-to number, celebrating the innocence of Cupid struck love, the newly blossomed affection captured and imparted beautifully by KK through his magical voice.

9. Tune Maari Entriyaan from Gunday

This one is still the first track to be played at any party to drag people onto the dance floor, setting them in motion. A tinkering bell of sorts, this is a track remembered not only for its hook steps, its fervour, and its energy but also for its amazing energy and KK. It has the true zest to sweep one off their feet even today.

10. Alvida from Life In A Metro

Ironically, the last on our list too, this was actually one of the most popular tracks from the movie back then, channelizing and portraying the pain of love, heartbreak and multiple emotions, all at once. One of Kk’s best tracks ever!


So, these were the 10 best KK songs from Bollywood songs which shall remain with us forever whilst this ‘young man with the boyish voice’ gets on his next journey. Move on to your moksha KK and thank you for giving the World so many reasons to fall in love. Om Shanti.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

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  1. We lost one gem again. I was literally shocked that he died during his live show. Love his songs specially, Alvira, pal ye hain pyar ke pal. Rest in peace KK.

  2. He was a gem.i don’t think there is any one who didn’t fell for his songs.His songs played an important tile in Indians love life.

  3. KK’s songs were a part of my childhood and teenage. All these songs are good but I loved Abhi Abhi too. And there was another I used to here when I was in grade 11-12. But unfortunately I can’t recall the name now. It was from one of his albums.

  4. KK’s death was such a shocker. You have compiled some of my favorites and I would be returning to post in leisure to celebrate the golden voice.

  5. One of my favourite singers.. Lost his life while performing. Only great artists do that. The crowds had to b e dispersed with fire extinguishers. Right now I am playing all his sons on a loop. May he rest in peace.

  6. Lovely compilation Rekha… but it doesn’t have my favourite ‘Dil kyun ye mera’ from Kites. His passing has somehow made me feel like we have lost an entire generation. He was the boy next door kinda totally relatable singer for us and the album Pal the best music album of all times… uffff!!! I can go on and on… 😔

  7. KK was not just an artist but a piece of my childhood. I still remember grooving to all his tunes on our little road trips with friends and family. A legend indeed. As soon as I read the title, ‘Kya mujhe pyar hai’ started playing in my head. And there it was. No. 1 song.

  8. I’ve seen so many tweets about this tragedy. Bring a celebrity is sometimes a curse, hee thought the show must go on when he was already unwell. Is a tragedy and I hope other organizers learn something from this.

  9. KK’s death was a huge shock. Specially since the last song he sang was Pal. His songs were so beautiful and hai voice was so melodious.

  10. A beautiful tribute. He was one of my favorites. It is really disturbing to know that if people were more aware, he could have been saved.

  11. Truly a loss. I loved so many of his songs like Pal and Dus Bahane. Gone but never forgotten

  12. It’s really a shock how he left us… such a melodious voice and beautiful songs he gave us… we’ll miss him…Om Shanti KK 🙏🙏

  13. You have mentioned wonderful songs her of KK but, I believe all his songs are hit and if not all most of his songs will be sung , heard and enjoyed by us those who actually love his songs and him, he will always be remembered and missed for sure.

  14. He was the personification of ‘childhood’ for an entire generation. He will be sorely missed!

  15. KK had a velvety voice. He will continue to live through his songs. A fine list curated by you.

  16. Such a huge loss for the music Industry this was 🙁 He will live through his songs in our hearts forever. There isn’t a song that he has sung which is not treat to our ears.

  17. Indeed ! His voice had a magic.. mamy ofvthese songs are my favorite too. It was a shock after a great loss of famous Punjabi singer.