Book Review of A Saint, A Folk Tale And Other Stories – Lesser Known Monuments Of India By Rana Safvi

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Love your monuments, they are a part of a rich civilization and speak volumes about a bygone era.

A Saint, A Folk Tale And Other Stories – Lesser Known Monuments Of India By Rana Safvi

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Indian architecture offers one of the most glorious forms of built heritage anywhere in the world. India, with its geographical expanse, rich history and diversity, offers a veritable feast for the senses in every way, especially its spectacular range of built heritage. Starting from the earliest cave shelter paintings, rock-cut architecture and the first urban cities of the Indus Valley Civilization to modern skyscrapers, India has it all.

In A Saint, A Folk Tale and Other Stories, acclaimed author Rana Safvi takes the reader into secret, hidden parts of India beyond the usual tourist destinations. The often overlooked monuments of India are rich with history, architecture and scenery begging to be explored. The book takes you back in time and on a journey to explore the vast architectural heritage of India.

Discover the secrets that Khusrau Bagh hides in its heart, marvel at a Queen’s forgotten resting place, listen to the folk tales and fables embedded in the structures and walk down the poetic path to some of the places where the great poets sleep, with the hope that the book sets the reader off on a journey of their own.


True that is I believe. Anyways, as someone has rightly put,

A rich cultural heritage depends on the ability of people to maintain their distinctiveness and unique identities.

We, especially in India are immensely blessed as being born in the land of diverse culture and traditions, we are also fortunate enough to have been bestowed with a rich heritage which not only adds to the beauty of our country but also to the culture quotient. 

India is a treasure trove of unexplored gems. Thanks to its geographical landscape it is host and home to the best possible architecture in the world. Architecture is vintage as it is antique, skillfully executed and masterfully crafted. Such beautiful places are it monuments or tourist destinations happen to be like those crown jewels which adorn the tiara of our bedecked, dazzling beauty.

Do you ever feel like you want to take a journey into those hidden, unexplored parts of India beyond the usual tourist destinations? If yes then our title in review today “A Saint, A folk tale and other stories-Lesser known monuments of India”.by Rana Safvi is the book you ought to be reading.

India is a land of rich, cultural heritage. With a superb geographical landscape, a diverse history it is a feast for all those who are lovers of art and old cultural aesthetic musing, especially since right from the earliest cave paintings, rock architecture to the first urban city of the Indus valley civilization, India has had it all.

Through this book, the author tries to take us to those unexplored parts of India which do not form the usual tourist attractions. Indeed, many a time we tend to overlook many such places which in actuality forms a rich, diverse cultural heritage that gives us a foray, an insight into the unexplored realms of art and culture which is an indispensable arm of Indian History.

The best part is that this is actually a travelogue but with a historical essence. Many times, I feel that a travelogue which usually takes one through those places in the world which one might want to visit should also incorporate historical sights and attractions. Unfortunately, History and travel is something that has to be fused and written very well in order for it to be resonating and relatable to the end readers. 

The book has fables and interesting facts related to these places which make it up for an enjoyable read. The beauty of unity in diversity which is the strong point of Indian culture has been brought out beautifully by her as she has described the most unusual monuments from a tomb to a mosque to even a Roman cemetery.

What also got me hooked to it, even more, was the presence of beautiful pictures which not only add to the aesthetic, virtual appeal of the book but make it up for a wholesome reading experience.

I also revelled in the tiny details Rana has given, the minute manner in which she explores and describes each corner of the monument she is discussing and attaches interesting anecdotes and fables related to the same. They actually act like little pearls of wisdom and informative respite which enhances the crispness and vivid detailing she has managed to achieve through her writing.

A beautifully written historical travelogue, if I were to properly categorize it, one which will take you on a fun, virtual, informative tour across lesser explored places giving you rich cultural information and insights too.

So that is it from all of us at Booxoul today. Keep tuning in for your daily dose of entertainment, lifestyle, travel and all the best possible book recommendations coz hey we here at Booxoul, love to read and love to explore newer horizons too.

Ciao people !!

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