Book review of The Path of Sushmaloka by Nihar Bhonsule

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The Path of Sushmaloka

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

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A must read for Fantasy readers


The Path of Sushmaloka by Nihar Bhonsule is a mythological fiction, and believe me when I say, it is one of the best Indian fantasy novel I have read in recent years.

 I have got a lot to say; so let’s begin the review:

The book starts in 3102 BC, when two Dharmayodhas are fighting the Rakshasas. The Existence has fallen prey to evil forces and Harshwardhan and his team have to fight back to prevent the catastrophe. 

Fast forward to the present; Prithvi Sen, our young protagonist has no idea that he is special. He believes he has an illness, something really peculiar, but never in a hundred years would he have imagined that he is meant to save the world. Then there’s Gopal, a tragedy stricken boy who lost his family when he was really young. And guess what? He’s related to Prithvi. And our villain. 

The book is stupefying. The moment I started reading it, I did not want to leave it unfinished. It was just so good, the story absolutely captivating and adventurous, I loved it all of it. 

I must say, when an author is building a fantasy world from scratch; it should be properly explained. In The Path of Sushmaloka, Nihar Bhonsule has paid attention to every small detail. Nothing was left behind. What I loved the most about the book were the character details. 

I love it when an author takes the effort to shape a character’s life, the history, the complete background. Who likes a story with no character depth anyway? So yes, as I was saying, even the antagonist’s background is so detailed; I felt attached to even him. Is that normal or there’s something wrong with me?

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The end was so thrilling; I literally got goosebumps. A salute to the author for crafting such a wonderful story. And yes, something I should have mentioned right at the beginning, the cover of the book is absolutely gorgeous. It is the complete essence of the book. It is one of those covers that makes sense only after you have finished the book! Okay, I will stop raving about the cover. 

Coming to what could have been done better. First, the editing. The book is so amazing and it will be saddening if someone doesn’t like it because it has grammatical errors. The story deserves so much better! I ask the author to please look into it.

Secondly; there’s nothing else. 

Except for the editing part, I loved it all. Highly recommended to all mythological readers; I know you’ll adore it! 

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