Book Review Of Flight Feathers by Shubneet Kaur

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Flight Feathers by Shubneet Kaur

Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.

William Wordsworth

Flight Feathers by Shubneet Kaur

Review by Neelam,

Author: Shubneet Kaur

Writing Style


O air carry my breath to distant miles Where youth grows as wild rose and time never dies Keep me alive as a walking dream Where my eyes can visualize the world unseen There is a true depiction of human emotions and a fine portrayal of a deep connection with nature. Shubneet has the skill to create tender loveliness in her poetry. The style and creativity have a magical effect and leave an indelible imprint on the reader’s mind.


Indeed, as Kahlil Gibran too, has put it very aptly, Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary. It refers to those expressions which are laced with emotions, being infused into a lyrical, sometimes soothing form of language which is pleasing, powerful as well as extraordinarily exquisite. It is that one mirror used by some to portray something to many at once, that which is there, in view evident and conspicuous, yet discreetly hidden from view. Poetry is an ode to such an exercise.

Indeed, I happened to come across and read such a beautiful collection of poems that are calm, soothing as well as capture the beauty of nature as well as its intricacies. Flight Feathers by Shubneet Kaur is a collection of poems that is enthralling, fascinating as well as intense. With the collection including different forms of poetry such as sonnets, ballads, verses, Shubneet has managed to address and narrate all those deeper, hidden musings through her words which are usually there, present in our lives, but which we refrain from acknowledging.


There are several concepts and vitalities that have been explored through this anthology. With an ensemble of more than 70 pieces, she has given us a foray into expressions involving fantasy, love, loss, heartbreak as well as more complex ones such as tolerance, desire and so on. 

Take any piece for instance. Inferno, bloom, Home in Her, Let us live, Limitless, Dewdrops – each and every poem be it small or big, has a delicate essence attached to it, one that absolutes magnifies much larger concepts in life. Even small pieces like Desire, Your Love have been written with finery which is intricate as well as magnificent at the same time owing to the simplicity and ethereality of the words.

“Let Us Live”, which is an excellent example of a wake-up call we all should be paying heed to is one of my favourite pieces.

Pieces like A Verse of Me, Feel, trance show her powerful side of being able to express in a voice that stays on with one for long even after one has finished reading it. 

Some of her pieces are short couplets, albeit size being no matter they are equally power-packed with finesse and more being conveyed through less.

Shubneet exemplifies the true essence of nature and also not only puts across its deep-rooted meaning via a symbolic reference, but she also ensures that the meaning being conveyed is as delicate as the content she puts across. She has created a confluence of radical elements, which even though being a tiny part of Nature or our lives have a huge, significant impact on it.

I personally felt extremely relaxed as well as connected to my own soul whilst reading her fabulous pieces. Sometimes, poetry is heart wrecking, sometimes it is soul-shattering, yet seldom comes such a fine confluence, an anthology which is delicate yet robust, elegant yet vivacious, minuscule yet magnificent. Words surely have the power to yield the best of your soul, purging it of all negativities, filling it up with a sense of contentment, a déjà vu, a nostalgia that is so simple, yet so sought and relatable. That is the magic of good poetry.

An excellent anthology, especially if you are a fan of good poetry.

Leaving you with a beautiful couplet from the ensemble:


As the evening melts in the sky,
The flight of birds come chirping after all day of roaming.
Hurriedly flapping their wings to reach for a hideaway,
A peaceful place for everyone called home!!

So, this was my book review of Flight Feathers, a beautiful anthology of poems by the talented Author Shubneet Kaur.

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