Book Review Of Murdrum By Sohil Makwana, A Thriller Which Will Leave You Absolutely Yearning For More

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Let’s dive head on to read my musings on the book Murdrum By Sohil Makwana


Review by Neelam Sharma,

Author: Sohil Makwana
Writing Style


A horrifying decapitated head. A CBI intern on an assignment finds mysterious ‘Two Dots’ from a cold case.  Human DNA is extracted from a mosquito’s stomach.  “Why had Harold Shipman killed 250 women?” A question of criminal psychology enters the picture.  Against the corrupt system, a CBI intern leaves no stone unturned to dig the rort of a cold-blooded serial killer. Several incredible, high-tech forensic investigations are stacked against a tech-savvy killer who knows his job inside-out.  And, the sexual sadist killer releases another cypher with a rise in the body count. Forensic advancement has brought out a digital face from DNA. Will she be able to get the killer’s DNA? How has he become a monster out of a man? Are these efforts enough to catch the killer? Or is there something special in the store? “The Murdrum is an outstanding journey. The incredible story and wonderful characters keep you hooked till the end. I strongly recommend this page-turner. I’m eagerly waiting for Murdrum 2.” ―- Director Anees Bazmee   “The best part of the Murdrum is the experience. Scientific, logical, gripping and gritty. The adrenalin rush hooks you till the end. I can only imagine Sohil writing such a suspenseful and mind-boggling forensic thriller.” ―- Karan Vyas, Writer – SCAM 1992 Well etched characters. Twisty plot. Remarkable use of incredible medical science, but still, an easy read. Murdrum is an absolute page-turner.  ― Vishal Furia, Director – Criminal Justice Unputdownable. Engrossing and spine-chilling pace. The writing skills shout out loud a pro-level finesse which makes the book a real page-turner. A thrilling mysterious ride.   ― Rahul Bhole, Director – national award-winning film Reva


I always enjoy reading thrillers which have research as well as logical chains of reasoning and fact. This genre which is my favourite is the one I strongly feel requires a lot of skill to pull off, given the magnitude of creative checkboxes it needs to be ticking off on. Having said that a book I recently finished happened to be the one I have been waiting to read for a long. 

Murdrum: The Probe begins by Dr Sohil Makwana is a riveting thriller that promises to keep you on the labyrinthine roller coaster of intellect, mystery and crime poised precariously, waiting to take the plunge into its awesome depths.

A story full of twists and turns, Komal Rathod an intern at CBI, has been assigned the dreary job of collecting the data and solving the murder of a lady whose decapitated head makes its way on the streets of Ulhasnagar only to be discovered by a child and set the pace rolling for an intense investigation. The question here is simple yet demanding enough. Will Komal, whose only childhood has probably been marked by insensitivity to pain, be able to solve this high-tech forensic crime? Read the book to find out more.

With a well-crafted plot along with an engaging narrative and storyline as well as intensely crafted characterizations, Dr Sohil’s Murdrum is one of those books which I have seen very rarely come by. Being a thriller, that drabbles in criminal psychology, here is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat right until the end, compelling you to take the plunge into it, losing yourself in its depths. Not to forget the fact that the details of medical knowledge and their association with regard to the crime have been very diligently laid down by the writer making it an indulgent, intellectual read. Modern forensic science with its basis of the establishment being medical is something that has long since been one of those fail-safe setups that always reason with the audiences at large, compelling them to go back to the book time and again, especially if it is a series. Surely, the way this one ends with, a cliffhanger sort of tone, I am positive there must be a next in the works.

Coming back to this one, Dr Sohil’s style of writing is simple yet his deliverance is par excellence when it comes to the detailed explanations of concepts as well as their execution. Albeit there could have been a better job done I feel, as far as grammar goes but am sure that a triviality will surely be taken care of in his next work.


To sum it up, a superb thriller is best suited to those who love to read and delve into psychological crime fiction and its tenacious grasp. With a narrative that promises to keep one hooked, Murdrum is an excellent title to be read if you are genuinely fond of good psychological crime thrillers. I for one, am certainly looking forward to the next in the series as I can discern for a fact that the next will presumably keep me as much hooked and on the edge of the seat as this one is doing. A nail-biting piece of thrill, Dr Sohil is all set out to hustle and create a substantial impression in the field of crime thrillers. Am sure he will live up to the expectations in the next as beautifully as in this one.

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