Book review of The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia

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Suspense arises naturally from good writing – it’s not a spice to be added separately.

Leigh Michaels

The Lost Woman of Santacruz

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



I highly recommend this for light Crime/Thriller readers


“The Lost Woman of Santacruz” is an incredible thriller. Told in fast paced narration and in a tightly spun around storyline, it tells the story of a murder spree mystery with as an opening, what follows is sheer adrenaline rush.

I could easily compare this book to some higher standards set out, for its level of grasp over its narrative that builds exactly around and at the pace of the story is something that is so incredibly written. Vijay Medtia has written a stunning thriller that with its grasp over the reader in it’s gamut allows them to enjoy the feeling, the rush and the rise till the climax in an incredible journey of emotions and thrill and thrum.

Inspector Ajay Shaktawat is called by to solve the mystery of the frenzy of deaths, first a gruesome murder of the retired DCP Chandra and then of retired sub inspector Jaspal Kambli. Called upon to investigate these murders along with his partner ACP Rohan, both try to solve the mystery before the killer goes on another unhinged loose. Will they be able to solve it? What is the motive behind the murders? Who is the culprit?

Shaktawat’s character is the most vulnerable and relatable of characters. Inside a disturbed marriage and his wife no more on good terms with him, his character is flawed yet told to be like that. His personal life doesn’t work out well with his professional ethics, often getting into logheads with each other. For me this was an incredible point of impression. He doesn’t hid his flaws or behind them. He is flawed and that is almost another space of narration for the book, that is something that made me like it so much, apart from the fact that we are both from the same hometown so I could easily relate much of what he felt, talked and meant with his words.

Though, the story, the ending and the setting of the whole wouldn’t tempt you much if you are a vigorous reader of thrillers and you can guess it very well, the narration does manage it well enough. The characterization too is a very strong point for this book, each one of them unique and very well etched out.

Though I would not say the same about the mother of the protagonist who for me was manipulative in her relationship and that is something I really detested and thus did not like the character at all.

The book is taut in it’s presentation, almost giving out the perfect way to tell a murder mystery story. It starts with an opening and then goes into a crescendo of an arc, perfectly working out as it does with every thriller. There are words and scenes that jar, slow the pace a bit but the overall effect is entertainment. With all of this said, “The Lost Woman of Santacruz” is a wonderful murder mystery dipped in the juices of pure thriller and police espionage. Readers who can handle gore and gamut in smaller levels would enjoy this book very much

Pick the book if
Age Group

13 years and above

Skip the book if

  • You don’t enjoy Crime/Thriller and Cop Dramas fiction.
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About the Author
Vijay Medtia is a British Indian writer living in the U.K. His debut book ‘The House of Subadar' was published by Arcadia Books, London. It was short-listed for the Glen Dimplex Literary prize for new writers in Dublin, 2008. The second book ‘The Missing Husband’ was by Crocus Books, UK. And his latest book The Lost Woman of Santacruz, is now published worldwide by Leadstart in June 2021.

His short stories have appeared in anthologies and have been published in Indian e-literary magazines. One of his short story, ‘English Babu’ was set as an exam question for secondary pupils in Denmark.

Crocus Books, UK, published my crime novel ‘The Missing Husband’ in 2019. I was invited to read at the Manchester Book Festival. 

Follow him on:
Twitter @VijayMedtia
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book review of The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia. book review of The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia. book review of The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia.

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  1. Vijay Medtia June 6, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Thank you for the kind and honest review.


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