Book Review of Storylines – Telling Movies In Words by Zubie Saurabh Sengupta

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A good (short story) would take me out of myself and then stuff me back in, outsized now and uneasy with the fit.

David Sedaris

Storylines – Telling Movies In Words by Zubie Saurabh Sengupta

Neelam Sharma,

Writing Style


A man lives among eunuchs for the sake of his family. 
A couple breaks the law to live a dream. 
A woman finds herself helping others. 
Storylines – Telling Movies in Words is a collection of seven such thoughtful and soul-stirring tales that show how stories for films are actually born. 


Indeed, that is exactly how I feel and turn completely, quenching my thirst for reading, coming back to life better than before.

It has been rightly said that short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the world and still be back in time for dinner.
I somehow feel very unsatiated, yearning for more whenever I read a book of short stories. It is not like I don’t enjoy reading them. But somehow, they leave me gasping, longing for more as, compared to a novel they are bite-sized. I somehow feel I always want more to read, and that is the paradigm upon which they fall short.

However, the recent book of short stories I finished ‘Storylines – Telling Movies In Words’ by Zubie Saurabh Sengupta was surely exceptional. In spite of being a collection of short stories this one surely has the potential to sweep the reader off their feet. It is a fabulous collection of 7 stories, each of which have been written from a third person’s point of view, bringing forth those facets of life, which we know but do not acknowledge. Zubie, through these uniquely created gems, not only impressed me with his writing but paved the way for all those who want to create short stories but are hesitant, harbouring the myth that short story collections don’t resonate. I agree, because of the length, it might be tricky to relate to and get attached to and attracted by the characters. However, through this compilation, Zubie manages to not only create strong characters successfully but also create an absolutely fantastic, cathartic ensemble of daily life snippets. Those small nuggets will stay with you for a long time, even after you finish with them. These are actually what we might refer to as stories made for films. Yes, they are actually perfect for being made into films, not to forget the captivating depictions Zubie pulls off with the help of his plots as well as characters.

Take for instance the story of the homosexual. How he yearns for the kind of love he aspires for in life whilst being married to a girl, who is oblivious to the scenario, innocent of the whole situation. The manner in which Zubie spotlights how he really has to struggle to keep his feelings safe, in a shell, away from the adjudication of the brutal world was heart-wrenching. Same, for the first story where Hariya, who for the sake of the well being of his child turns to greyer choices of life living is indeed a soul-stirring one. The same is said for the story of Savitribai and Munnibai which goes to show that our next generation aka our children might not necessarily take a leaf out of our book and follow our examples in life. Zubie’s writing made me sit back and muse upon the real facets of life living. They compelled me to address those paradigms of perspectives, which were earlier somehow not mused upon, for no particular reason. Every story was like a window portraying a fine emotion, delicately adorning every character with finesse and heartwarming reliability.

Some stories were written in such a brilliant manner that they formed a very strong contention for being made into a cinematic form such as web series or movies. Storylines – Telling Movies In Words is one such book, I feel, which in spite of being an amalgamation of bite-sized fiction has the potentiality of being made into a cinematic form. As it is, I believe the Author Zubie is a multi-dynamic personality having accolades as a writer, screen director, singer, composer, lyricist as well as narrator.
A brilliantly composed ensemble.

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