Book Review of Years Spent by Lalit Kumar

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Neelam Sharma,

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A journey of 10,000 miles
Across India and USA,
A few milestones of
Success, failure and hope.
Countless moments of 
Adventure, passion and desires.
Encapsulated in this book –
‘Years Spent: Exploring Poetry in Adventure, Life and Love’


Indeed, it is rightly said that poetry is not a profession rather a condition. True, it is a depiction of the poet’s depiction of his/her true feelings that they decide to put on paper in the same manner as does a painter, splaying different colours of life on a canvas. 

Poetry, for me, is always a genre that I get back to, especially in times of distress. It is one of those places which give one maximum solace, I feel. The lyrical play of words, the contours created via a colourful chain of events and depictions created, the warm rush of fuzzy emotions, the stark portrayals of life and its different facets – be it love, loss, hope, heartbreak, despair or all other such elements, this is one such modicum which never fails to wonder or amaze its readers.

“Years spent” by Lalit Kumar is an anthology of one such amalgamation of true wonders. Poems in this one are divided into five subsections, each one portraying a different aspect of human emotions, splashing a different shade of life on paper. Each and every poem written by Lalit is poignant and reflects upon life in a manner that is a unique musing by itself. He explores radically paradoxical terminologies at a single point in time through his works. For instance, whilst he responds to the Higher voice call in the piece ‘If there is one true calling’  he simultaneously shows a hardcore, humbled acceptance of the insignificance of his existence via ‘You Matter’. A single book spanning numerous topics, Lalit manages to capture the attention of his readers and keep it hooked right until the last piece. His writing comes across as being honed over a period of time, possibly due to the enormous amount of experience he has presumably garnered over the period of his life to date.

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Quite a few of the pieces are my favourites including ‘At the crossroads’, ‘The Second Mountain’, ‘Obsessed’ and quite a few others.

What made his work different from other poets for me was the genuine and candid frankness with which he has put across even simple concepts of life with stark clarity, portraying not only candour and diligence but finesse and essence of the next level. His love of life, his adventurous outlook towards the numerous aspects are what make this anthology a cut above the rest, I feel. Each and every segment he covers has a gait of its own I feel. It feels like a chasm of abundant possibilities, one which is waiting patiently, to be explored, to be mused upon, reflected in the best possible manner and its takeaways blended and inculcated towards a contented life living.

The imagery he has added to every piece not only provides that break to the work but also gives a body, a definition and a face to every poem. I always feel a bit of imagery goes a very long way to making that essential mark in the minds of the readers, especially as far as poetry goes because though rhythmically and lyrically written and inherent of so many colours and auras, the pictography gives it that oomph.

A superb anthology of poems, touching upon numerous facets of life and its emotions, in an immensely creative, aesthetic pursuit by a gifted poet.

Well done, Lalit Kumar. Looking forward to your next work. 

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