Breaking Philosophy by Nishitha Bujala

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Breaking Philosophy

Publication: Notion Press 

Page Count: 323

Review: Poor little rich girl Sophie seems to have it all but in reality is one lonely child who yearns for a normal life.  This motherless girl who is the daughter of the mayor of the town finds solace in her books and her cat, Smelly. The sudden death of her father finds Sophie in a turmoil when kidnapped and confronted by a secret government organization; the CSES that claims that her dedicated father was a spy and a traitor.

Filo Hardy, the daughter of an Indian father and Irish mother is left to fend for herself and her younger brother Sebastian who is her life.  Constantly singled out for being different, she finds an unlikely friend in the handsome Phil and a loving mentor in Indigo, who helps her get a job in his Yoga class at the Cen Tournament Training Academy. However, when Sebastian is detected with cancer, a visibly shattered Filo finds herself reluctantly accepting a fatal offer by the CSES. After all, it’s a question of life and death for Seb.

The two young girls who are thrust together in an unknown environment find friendship, love, and support in each other. Faced with the humongous task to lead a team of 20 volunteers, Filo and Sophie discover their inner strength when forced to confront their common enemy. One so wily that this is definitely going to be a fight straight to the finish.

Do I recommend it?

Breaking Philosophy is an interesting book with a Game of Thrones meets Indian mystique feel. The young Author Nishitha manages to keep the whole taut roller coaster ride going right till the very end. The numerous characters and intriguing premises all add to the interesting mix with an additional romantic track for the two main protagonists- Sophie and Filo. Plenty of ups and downs in this book that keep you engage d till the very end.

Rating:  5/5 stars

Breaking Philosophy

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