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Go, Caterpillar Go

Rekha Bhagtani
Author: Veena Dhandhia


Ever wondered why a butterfly is so beautiful? Well, it was a caterpillar first, you know and yet he chose to undergo life’s biggest process—transformation, aka change! Yes, change is what liberates us; transformation is what takes us to a better version of ourselves, elevating us from a lower to a higher life condition. Want to know how you too can elevate yourselves to a better place in life? Well, read Go, Caterpillar Go by Veena Dhandhia, a book sure to change your perspective about change as well as about life and its idiosyncrasies.

Embrace the beauty within you and transform yourself into a beautiful butterfly!

Indeed, the process of transformation is simply no mean feat, I feel. We are all blessed in life, beautiful in one way or another, with the true essence of beauty always being inside of us, tucked away discreetly, but very much there, waiting to be unfolded, making us the best version of ourselves. We simply shy away from acknowledging that awesome version of ourselves, just choosing to go on about our lives in the same usual mundane manner, simply living to barely exist. We do not think about bringing about a change, a difference, transcending to a superior life condition, or becoming a better version of ourselves, and even if some of us do, we simply choose to dismiss the thought as a mere impossible whim, barely scratching the surface of the situation at hand.

I wonder why I am discussing life transformation and the process of change. Well, Go Caterpillar Go by Veena Dhandhia, who is a globally renowned Life Enrichment Director (an ICF-PCC with the International Coaching Federation), Life Mentor and Happiness Coach, NLP Practitioner and corporate trainer, has come forth with a beautiful book that speaks about how one can not only be more self-confident, resilient, better disciplined and better self-esteemed but also how they can have better control over their anxiety and emotions, be able to control their stress and anxiety, and hence be a much superior version of themselves in life. In a book that pointed me to gaining a sort of self-mastery by means of adopting practices targeted at self-growth, Veena strongly advocates that we all have the qualities required for all of this innate, aka already present, within us. It remains upon us—the choices we make, the approach we adopt, and the path we take—to move further in our lives, which determines how much we can truly transform and become a better us.

The narrative has been divided into 10 chapters, and Veena has meticulously explained everything right from the grassroots level. Decoding how a person needs to primarily commence with understanding their vision, purpose and legacy, she further lists down the importance of self-identity, the first and foremost step towards a new you. Furthering her theories, she reiterates that self-criticism is the biggest monster we battle day in and day out, and that for self-care, Self-love and most importantly, a sense of self-acceptance (accepting our own selves for who we truly are), one needs to first decode and know their very own selves in order to come to terms with their higher goal or vision.

Giving a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how these targets of self-love, self-care and others can be achieved, Veena has given a brilliant road map of sorts for those who do not know or cannot fathom the correct manner in which one can proceed in life to become more focused.

With the help of case studies, she iterates each and every theory put down, helping us understand the ergonomics of all the rules she wishes to convey to us, stressing the importance of each, and also laying down a brilliantly doable road map that resonates.

I, for one, totally agreed with her detailed explanations and was completely in awe of the stark clarity with which she explained and laid down all the concepts. For instance, the way she explained how self-doubt can totally rob a person of their self-confidence, pushing them into a pitfall where one stays low-conditioned, afraid to try or even do anything, In such a scenario, one needs to choose whether to stay with such feelings of unpleasantry or accept the situation, moving on to the next possible action, so as to adapt to it and move forward instead of staying stuck there forever. I love how she has put tasks at the end of each quality and each quest, making it easier as well as plottable by way of measuring it, ensuring that whoever reads the book understands the theory and is also able to put it to practical use by way of doing the exercises recommended by her at every juncture.

A brilliant narrative. I know you will be alive. There are countless self-help and positivity manifestation books and journals. Why this one, then? Well, simple. One word for it is resonance. Relatability. That is what this book is all about. Possibly, having worked all her life as an NLF practitioner, a life coach and a corporate trainer, Veena’s caliber and instincts as a great mentor are completely visible in this veritable mine of information she has chosen to share with her readers by way of this write-up. Yes, it is one thing to teach and impart knowledge as a coach while coming forth in this manner and putting it in a book so that countless people can benefit from it. Well, now that is what a true mentor and life coach is truly all about, isn’t it?

This is a superb book; go for it if you too are in search of the right direction in life, trying to go on the right path, moving on to a higher life condition, and wanting to become the most superior version of yourself. A simply written, beautifully illustrated narrative, this one is also equipped with enough life-changing exercise pursuits to help you on your way to achieving the best. Go for it!

Go, Caterpillar Go!

So, I hope you liked my book review of Go Caterpillar Go by Veena Dhandhia.

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