Churan and Chutzpa-Chandan Choor Ki Churan Factory by Anuj Tikku: A Book Review

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Sometimes the simplest of tales manage to speak volumes with the amount of life lessons they relay, layered in between those pages. Some stories are written by way of an ode to acknowledge the grandiosity of a previously written cult classic. Chandan Choor ki Churan Factory by Anuj Tikku is one such attempt to revisit Roald Dahl’s famous “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” albeit in an interesting and fun stance.

A question for you guys today: Do you think “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is one of Roald Dahl’s best-written works?

Well, a book I recently read, written by Anuj Tikku, certainly feels that way. Chandan Choor ki Churan Factory, written as an ode to the above classic, certainly has a lot of spice and “chatpat” attached to it by way of plot and characters. A revisit of sorts, this one revolves around Chandan Choor and his pursuits in life. The son of Lala Ram, Chandan’s life history, his journey as a child, the ups and downs he goes through, how he was as a child, and how, after the passing of his father, he takes charge of his father’s business, expanding it to new heights, are the major backdrops of the story. When goons try to force and extort money from him on the pretext of leaking his secret Churan formulas, which have made him super successful in business, Chandan leaves no stone unturned and manages to thwart them with the book.

Having discussed the main plot, I must first address the fact that Anuj has written this one in his regular “first person” voice style. He commences by narrating how Chandan Choor, the son of Lala Ram, is a child who slowly but surely understands the ways of the world. How his persona has been explained and decoded by way of the first couple of chapters was simple yet tastefully done. How Chandan was as a child, his mischief and pranks, and what led him and compelled him to get serious and mature in life were well penned. Interesting and entertaining, the pedestrian yet indulgingly simplistic manner in which the story proceeds is something I was zapped with. Considering this one is a revisit, there was a lot of personal as well as a unique touch that Anuj manages to put across through this one by way of telltale styles and subplots that have been deftly put across the length of the narrative.

Chandan’s meteoric rise in business surely is a shining example of how when a son decides to shoulder his father’s responsibilities, nothing can truly stop him if he has the right will and determination. How Chandan’s journey and his hits and misses throughout the path have been showcased by Anuj is surely close to a real-life sounding board, depicting scenarios that are closer to life rather than just fairy tales being enlisted and put forth.

When Bunty Singh, Bubbles Kumari, Jhumru Joseph and Habib won the contest run by Chandan’s factory, I could relate to the sense of elation and that typical deja vu that I had also experienced whilst watching Tim Burton’s adaptation of the book. Yes, I too did a jig of sorts when these 5 won the coveted tour of the Churan factory, wanting to surely be a part of the gang myself.

Also by Anuj Tikku:

Raka Ram, Munna, and Champak—all characters penned by Anuj in this one—are fascinating and play some role or another in taking the main narrative forward. Even Mrs Banerjee, Chandan’s teacher, is surely a stark reminder of how our teachers are some of the biggest influences in our lives forever, their teachings as well as their dispositions leaving an indelible impression on our minds for life.

There were some grammatical errors here and there, but that is surely something overlooked since the story itself is written in an extremely fast-paced and engaging manner. These technicalities stay kind of hidden. Having said that, without spilling any beans or giving away more spoilers, I want to conclude here by saying that Chandan Choor ki Churan Factory is a book that, contrary to its name, can be read and enjoyed by all age groups alike and is a must-read for those who like the “all-in-one” entertainer sort of tropes. A good attempt at a retelling by Anuj. P.S. The whole churan thing, including the descriptions as well as the pictures, was nostalgic, taking me back to my school days when I myself had such sweet and tangy after mints and digestives, purchased from those “Bhaiyya vendors” standing right outside our school, unfurling those tiny little gleaming balls of churan, akin to mini globules of hope and fun. Nostalgia Alert, for sure, peeps!

So, I hope you guys liked my book review of Churan and Chutzpa-Chandan Choor Ki Churan Factory by Anuj Tikku: A Book Review.

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