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Wayward by Dethan, a Journey Towards the Soul, a Review

Imagine the plane you are traveling in crashes out in the open sea, yet you survive miraculously. Wait, there is another survivor alongside you—a 12-year-old kid? What if I tell you that you have to survive alongside that child out in the open seas and that help is not going to be coming anytime soon? Scared? Read on to find out about such a scenario in Wayward by Dethan, a tale like no other I have read before.

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Dancers in the Dark by Ejaz Ahamad: Xenophobia through the Ages | Book Review

An antipathy that will make you sit back, mull, and wonder why colour is such a strongly held ground for discrimination even today, Dancers in the Dark by Ejaz Ahamad is a story that centres around the discrimination based on colour as well as all those so-called societal categories and stigmas that have been there for around centuries now. Yes, unfair behaviour against the LGBTQ+ community—that is what I am indicating here!

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Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang: Dive Into the Dark of Publishing Industry

Your writer friend just struck gold by signing a deal with Netflix for a TV adaptation. Could it get bigger? You both are busy celebrating over cocktails while she shows you her latest, unpublished work-unpublished one. And then she drops dead? What would you do? Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang is a revelation, exploring the sad travesty of the dark side of publishing industry

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