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Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope by Anagha Ratish is an extension of the mysterious, magical world and pursuits of Adaire as she prepares to have another adventure. A remarkable face-off between two forces in an attempt to honour their true calling. A great children’s fantasy, one you must definitely not miss.

Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope

Review by Neelam Sharma, Booxoul.com

Author: Anagha Ratish
Writing Style


This is no longer a fairytale. Perhaps it never was. Emberglass has slipped from the clutches of one evil queen to another; maybe Adaire is not the hero Celestia needs. It is better to turn away before she makes things worse, but Adaire is already too deeply entwined. And when Queen Sereia seeks her out, she must rethink where her loyalties lie.

It is difficult to be the hero, but sometimes it is harder to be the villain.



Can evil be so deformed that it blurs the thin line of demarcation between the right and the wrong?

Indeed, sometimes what is perceived as a right by one may actually be a decoy created to hide another’s evil designs. In such a scenario it becomes very tricky to identify such forces and be on the right side.

So, I recently finished Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope by Anagha Ratish, the second in the series after the previous one aka Fire and water. Well, no surprises this time either as Anagha, my 14-year-old young Author has once again proven that excellence is a pursuit that is not contingent on age but on creative skills and talent alone. At this young age, here is a writer who is not only one par excellence but in fact has cast an example of a fine contemporary fiction which is an excellent title for children’s fantasy as well. 


Taking ahead the story of Adaire, Sapphire and Faye this has been written equally well. Following the defeat of Queen Zyra, this one follows Adaire’s pursuits as she is sought by Queen Sereia who evidently aims at much more than her loyalties. Having fallen prey to her web, will Adaire after comprehending her mistake be able to set it right before it’s too late? Read the book to find out more.


It is actually remarkable to see that since the last time when I reviewed the first in this series, Anagha has only grown and that too exponentially as a writer. I mean, her writing was flawless and enticing back then too, but with time she has only excelled, working on the finer aspects of her narration style resulting in a perfect and absolutely engaging story and narrative. Be it her characters, her plot devising, the flow of the story, the twists she manages to put at the right junctures, the elements of surprise, or the flow of the story, practically everything has been interwoven together so seamlessly that one cannot help but marvel at how she has managed to treat such a complex plot with such ease and produced such engaging results. I generally feel it is tricky to pull off a good fantasy with there being a lot of pressure on the writer to fuse together numerous complex elements to create a fabulous story.


No longer remaining a fairy tale it presumably began as, this story of EmberGlass is a rigmarole which is an exciting, indulgent read, one which not only excels in conceptualization and application but also is a fine form of writing from the point of view of grammar and story creation and dispersion. With an ingeniously magical plot, here is a book that will keep you engaged and hooked until the end, its characters taking you alongside them onto this roller coaster ride, in the pursuit of the right.


So, I am like really zonked with this piece of writing. Marvelling at her gifted skills at this young age, I am pretty stoked with Anagha’s ability to pull off the fantasy so effortlessly towards a brilliant culmination. I am positive that the next in the series (oh yes, I am sure it shall be!) will be as magically enthralling and spellbinding as this one. A great Children’s fantasy, put this on your next TBR, you guys.


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