Justice at Last- Hanging Palande’s Author, Anuj Tikku, Uncensored!

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Have you heard of the famous Arun Kumar Tikku case? It garnered a lot of attention and media adulation back then. 12 years, and finally justice is meted out. And yet, as we sit musing upon the loose ties in this one, Booxoul brings you Author Anuj Tikku, uncensored and unfiltered in his own words today, as he discusses his latest book “Hanging Palande—A Son’s Revenge,”, a sequel to “Yes Sir, I Killed My Dad—A Son’s Grief.”

The biggest possible teacher in one’s life is pain and the trauma of one’s past experiences. That is because, while life always gives us second chances to us always, what is lost is lost forever and can never come back. What remains is the aftermath of the loss.

Yes, indeed, pain is a grave, strict teacher in everyone’s life. That is because aside from the trauma it tends to inflict upon one, the pain only has experience to give by way of its teachings, as well as maturity and wisdom that only come when you have “been through the fire and survived”.

When I recently finished the book “Hanging Palande: A Son’s Revenge” by author Anuj Tikku, I realized that there was so much he had encased within himself by way of his past trauma concerning his father’s killing, and yet he chose to come out and express all through this book that I was absolutely taken away by this sense of expression by him. Deciding thus to muse a bit upon his thoughts and what exactly made him “come all out and declare” to the world, I decided to put forth some questions, which I am sharing with you guys today, which gave me an insight into his mindset, not only as a brave and gifted author but also as an individual fighting his demons in life. Take a look:

  • Tell us a bit about how different your experience writing this one is from your other works.
    Well, reliving the past is always difficult, especially something as brutal as the murder of your own father, but then I went ahead and penned it down anyway. I wrote it from the heart.
  • Hanging Palande: A Son’s Revenge is truly a journey into your past traumas, as we see it. Intimidating for you to reproduce this on paper?
    It was surely challenging to relive those memories, but I wrote the books as I saw them unfold in front of me.
  • You are a famous Bollywood celebrity as well. Do you think this has simplified things, or did it complicate the scene?
    Well, complicated for sure since I feel there are a lot of people judging me all the time. Being a celebrity might have its perks, but in this scenario, it was definitely detrimental to me.
  • Do you think being a person of well-to-do status is helpful when one is navigating crimes of this nature, such as murder?
    Well, not really, to be honest. In fact, my status was the reason I was targeted by these criminals in the first place. These criminals do not need the working class; they always prey upon the rich and well-to-do since they are the ones who have what they need.
  • Tell us a bit about how therapeutic writing this has been for you. Also, tell us a bit more about your ongoing projects.
    When I left Mumbai, I also left behind my acting. Writing being the new creative outlet, this is what I feel, has been my inner calling, and hence it is what truly keeps me sane and happy. I truly enjoy it.
  • Lullabai, one of your previous works was a highly intimidating story. How do you manage to think up such sensational stories?
    Well, since I have been in the midst of a true crime and managed to befriend a serial killer, I understand a serial killer’s traits, his psychology, as well as his motto and motivation behind the crime. That is why it has been easier for me to write serial killer stories, as I feel I am able to get into the mind of the serial killer completely.
  • What, according to you, is a book and who is truly an author?
    A book is a creative idea, and an author is a thinker and visualizer of that idea.
  • While completing “Hanging Palande”, I noticed you had described the “hanging process” in detail in India. How challenging was it to research this since capital punishment is not exactly a pleasant scenario to muse about?
    I spent some time researching and reading articles on the internet and managed to gather some data on hanging in India. Yes, it is not a pleasant thing to read about, and this research was a bit overwhelming at times.
  • The truth related to your dad’s case has finally come out. How important has it been for you, both as an individual and as an author, to write this sequel to your previous book “Yes Sir, I Killed My Dad: A Son’s Grief”?
    The sequel was just the continuation of the first book, which described the incident when it took place. This book, “Hanging Palande,” is more about my fight to get justice ten years after the actual murder took place. It was very important for me to write the sequel, as I was seeking closure for this horrific incident that took place in my life.
  • The media’s attention, especially after the 2012 murder episode, must have been unsettling for you. What exactly helped you fight the grief at that time?
    It is so twisted since I had come to Mumbai to become a famous actor and hence expected to get admiration for my work in blockbuster films, but instead, I became known for a front-page murder case. I became famous not for a hit film but for a top-10 murder case! It is uncanny that fame came to me in such a manner. It was my deep-rooted love for spirituality that helped me tackle the pain at that time, as well as the company of some good close friends.
  • A piece of advice you would like to give out to young readers out there who are struggling to get their work featured?
    Be consistent and don’t get impatient. Success comes drop by drop. There is no such thing as instant success or overnight success. So, just relax, enjoy the process of writing, and don’t give too much thought to the results.
  • And finally, if given a choice, would you like to go back and change the cast/character sketch, or plot of any of your previous written work? If so, which and why?
    I think I would want to change the character of Rashmi Verma in the book. I feel I made her portray herself as too slutty. I should have taken care and shown some more respect for her character.

So, these were some of the snippets of the conversation we had with Anuj Tikku, author of “Hanging Palande”. We, at Booxoul, applaud him for coming forth with reality in this manner and sincerely hope and pray that his work not only reaches the reader community but also all those seeking the truth of this matter.

I hope you enjoy the article Justice at Last: Hanging Palande’s Author, Anuj Tikku, Uncensored!

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