It’s up to you by Anju Dhawan

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It’s up to you

Whether you focus on the roses or thorns, It’s up to you. Whether you focus on the falling leaves or the new buds, it’s up to you. When I got this book for review, by the look of the book I really thought it’s another rom com book. The synopsis revealed something else and the book came out to be of self-help genre.

To start with, I disagree with author’s view that this is a unique book on this topic. I have personally read or seen at least 10-20 books on this topic myself in many bookstores. The methods or activities might be new but the essence of the book is same. Law of attraction. What you think you become or so.

Though I was really disappointed to get yet another book on this topic, but I really liked the way she made this topic easy to understand & implement in day to day life for our young generation. Her activities & techniques are good and doable. “Be at cause” is a technique that I think will really stay with the readers for a long time. She also gives case studies, revision points that makes it really easy for anyone to understand what she is trying to explain & helps in retaining the lessons. Her language is simple & fonts of the book goes easy on your eyes.

She also touched upon few fears/issues that are very much relevant today. Like FOMO (fear of missing out) and cyber addiction. Its really a good idea to include it in this book. I really appreciate all the work Author Anju Dhawan is doing in the field of education & social work & wish her luck with her book.

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