Kindling by Kanika Singhal-a Prequel to Rage of the Immortals, Is a Story About Possessive Sibling Love

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An exquisitely written literary fantasy, Kindling by Kanika Singhal for me, was a bundle of pleasant surprises as having been penned in a beautiful manner, here is a story, a prequel which has all exciting elements piled together in a single narrative. Although being touted as India’s own answer to and version of Thor, this one was a refreshing take on how one burns themselves up in an attempt to keep their house warm.

You know I always feel that those types of fiction which have world-building, different “other” worldly kinds of entities, unusual, are descriptive make for a seamless, flowy sort of page-turner. As compared to other genres the scope of enormity, vividity, adventure as well as the blend of emotions is absolutely at another level as far as a fantasy, especially a literary fantasy is concerned. That is because, unlike other genres where the scope of imagination and detailing stands limited, being curtailed by the limits of the pre-set norms, fantasy has a boundary so limitless that one can only begin to imagine the kind of creation they are expected to come across once they decide to delve into this fascinating world.

Tell me something, you guys. How does it feel when you are immensely loved and pampered by your sibling? Wait let me refine that one. What if that love decides to get so over-possessive, overwhelming and overprotective? Hmm, dangerous waters ain’t they? Or rather stranger tides if I were to say, ones which might have been a part of but would have simply not chosen to pay much ado or attention to.  

Well, this story centres around two brothers Cifer, king of the Underworld and Atom his younger brother who is also the King of Heaven. Being immortal, the kind of love the two siblings have shown to be depicting simply was too good and resonating I’d say. Yes, love is the greatest power, the deepest emotion on this planet and yet it is this very emotion that can turn into a rage, so vindictive and vicious that it has the power to burn holes even through the mightiest of mountains. Indeed, to love someone truly and deeply one to set them free and not encumbered or tethered to their own wishes. Well, a theory many do not understand and relate to, in tandem to love, I feel.

Coming back to the story, there were many interesting characters created by Kanika which added a lot of flair and spunk to the main plot. Be it the world-building or her excellent character creation, she was spot on. The world-building especially was a superb piece I’d say, having been created fabulously. Both Dave and Davie, the God and the Goddess were absolutely suited to the place alongwith their sons Cifer and Atom and were intriguing enough by themselves to keep one hooked on. There were many other characters such as Ivprith, the lady of the wild, the warrior Ukhab, Asmi- a were a bird, a pfeline (a cat who can take human form too, my fav) by the name of Nightmare and each time I read one character, I could see how Kindling had been created meticulously in tandem to not only the main plot but complimenting the entire world created by Kanika Singhal for this one.

Having created a mesmerizing tale of love, brotherhood, love, hate, friendship as well as revenge, I am personally very taken by how well Kanika has managed to get the elements together in style while also doing full justice to the main story alongside as well as ensuring that the readers get a refreshing new take on fantasy, in a literary form, rare and unseen, like the one she has created in here.

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An immersive experience, Kanika’s vocab and her diction surely mention a special mention here as I have seldom seen writers who have such a great command over language, such latent fluency of speech, and such a superb hold overall. For me personally, the camaraderie between Cifer and Atom, the tete-a-tete is one of the best things about the narrative. Also, Atom’s escapades, his lady love and the fascination he has for her, and his uncertainties were all so beautifully put across that there was a lot of substance added onto the main plot by wat of such tiny intricate details. This a great fantasy for all those who want to get their hands on a great literary fantasy, bookmark this one for your next fantastic read.


Neelam Sharma
Author: Kanika Singhal



A literary fantasy, perfect to satiate your mind as well as your soul, bookmark this one for your next fantasy read.

So hope you guys liked my book review of Kindling: A prequel to Rage of Immortals by Kanika Singhal.

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