Money Heist: Korea Season 2 and These 4 K-Dramas Releasing in December 2022 Are Set to Create Waves

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K-dramas have gained enormous popularity and momentum, especially in the last couple of years, thanks to the amazing content they portray, outstanding chemistry between the Korean actors, astounding plot lines and the overall refreshing content and connection they offer. As December sets in, with the festive season all set to swing us amidst its chills, Money Heist Korea season 2 and these 4 K-dramas releasing in December, are all set to create waves

So, December is finally here and I simply cannot keep calm. I mean it is that time of the year when everything around is so dreamlike, filled with so much love, light and hope that one cannot help but become seriously consumed by the festive mood. For me, catching up with my besties, family times, superb food and coffee conversations along with my favourite reads and K-dramas are the ultimate way to have a ball this festive season.

K-dramas have gained stupendous popularity and momentum in the last couple of years especially, thanks to the presence of brilliant ideas, amazing emotional content and connections, (not to forget the cutest-looking actors and actresses ever) and in general web series content so fresh that you cannot help but be addicted to them. What adds to this is the brilliant on-screen camaraderie the lead actors share along with an amazing execution. 

Oh yes, with the content of that stature, it thus, comes as no big surprise that people especially like me take to binge-watching K-dramas and how! So, today I thought of bringing you up to date with what is coming.

Money Heist: Korea season 2 and other 4 k-dramas set to release this December which is sure to create waves:

Money Heist Korea – Season 2

A remake of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel, Money Heist too, has become immensely popular like the original. With the second part ready to kick in, waiting to see how the thieves will make one final escape, what with the authorities against them, battling all odds. This one primarily focuses on the Professor’s ultimate plan as he goes on to “let the world know who the real thieves actually are.”. A series for which I am personally stoked yeah! And why not? The trailer of the show has already excited all with several popular faces from the Korean entertainment industry. Releasing on 9th December on Netflix.


Based on the webtoon of the same name, this is a crime thriller, a story of a man who gets kidnapped by a gang that is into organ harvesting. Spooked huh? So am I. With a powerful premise of this kind, it is natural that one gets excited. With a premise so intense, it is sure to create buzz and waves across the OTT platforms. One of the most anticipated thrillers of 2022, this one is doing the rounds of all Instagram updates as well as Twitter newsfeeds too. Well, naturally since this is an exciting work depicting a mysterious story of a man who has been deprived of a part of his body by organ hunters and later becomes “connected” with another who has “received” an organ transplant. Pretty interesting to check out both angles huh?

 Releasing on 7th December on Disney + Hotstar.

The Forbidden Marriage

Imagine if you are forbidden to marry. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, not really since it happens to be the main premise of the latest royalty drama about King Yi-Heon and his strange rule prohibiting marriage. The twist in the plot occurs after a con artist who is deemed to be possessed by the late princess’ spirit enters his life in the later years. Hmm, sounds like a deception worthy of perusing and audacious too, right? This one is surely going to be a cool watch, airing on primetime spots of the MBC. A chaotic and intense K-drama, this one releases on 9th December.

The Interest of Love

Also known by the name “Understanding of love”, this one is a romantic drama about 4 people who meet at a branch of a bank. With these 4 believing that love doesn’t stay forever, it will be interesting to see how their ideas and ideologies stand challenged given the irony of the situations they get into. A realistic K-drama, this 16-episode affair is an international favourite and is being eagerly awaited too. A melodrama, this one tells the story of people with different interests, meeting and understanding the meaning of true love. Releasing on 21st December on Netflix.

Big Bet

The story of the struggles of a man who is all set to become a casino mogul, a chain of unfortunate happenings which transpire create a major setback for him. How he risks and jeopardizes his own life to get back on track is what constitutes the main frame of the plot. Set in the Philippines, this one will show us the true colours of the cutthroat world of gambling. This 16-episode web series is all set to air on 21st December 2022 on Disney +Hotstar. BTW, just to let you guys know, this one is inspired by a Korean man who actually operated a casino in the Philippines.

So, hope you guys have marked your calendars to binge-watch Money heist Korea Season 2 and these 4 other K-dramas are all set to create waves in the month of December. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, fun, finance, fashion, tech and gadgets as well as all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!

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