Your One-Stop Organic Home Food Store for Snacks and Sweets This Festive Season by Sweet Karam Coffee

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Want to try and indulge in a variety of snacks and sweets but are concerned about hygiene, quality as well as the taste? No problem, we have your back as Sweet Karam Coffee is here with the best possible organic, homegrown food products, all at the click of your finger. Getting you your perfect One-Stop Home Food Store this festive season.

You know I have always felt the need for boosting not only small home-grown businesses but also all those brands which hold India and its essence as their core driving force. And the best part is that thanks to such a huge workforce and resource availability right here in our country itself, we as a country are well poised to fall in line to #vocalforLocal as well as #MakeinIndia.

So, with the onset of the festive season and with festivals such as Navratri and Diwali around the corner, I was debating what should form a part of my next snack and essential shopping lists, especially as I wanted to check out some practical as well as healthy as well as tasty options too. Along with daily home essentials, I also wanted to try out clean as well as authentic and tasty home food made with hand-picked ingredients and yet sans any artificial colours or preservatives or palm oil. Being on the lookout for a One-Sop Home Food Store, I was thus glad to have finally discovered #SweetKaramCoffee which is an online store offering a confluence of both the traditional as well as modern.

A brand which is one of the fastest growing online platforms has transformed from a small daily meal brand in Madras to a major one today, serving 1 Lakh plus customers, this one surely was my answer to not only snacks and sweets but also condiments, organic daily essentials, premixes and much more.

With Navratri being round the corner, I thus called for some Kesar Badam Milk Mix, Classic Hot Chocolate Mix to address my daily milk flavourings. I also called for some Lemon Mint Squash as well as some Ginger Lemon Squash which I feel should always be handy lest guests decide to drop by. Likewise, their Masala Mixed Dhal was a gluten-free, vegan option for snacking as well as for addressing the meals’ hunger pangs.

Products Offered

Well, they host a huge range of products ranging in the following categories:

Farm to Home

With a variety of rice, dals, spices as well as oils, I was also amazed to see how different types of authentic, organically made flours too were available here, that too at reasonably competitive rates. With more than 150 types of products they not only boast of a large variety but also some of the best possible grown and available ones in the market.

Alongwith the regular stuff, I was surprised to see even unusual items such as Sanwa, traditional boiled brown rice as well as pearl millet flour listed here. So many varieties all at the click of a button and that too at good rates is a sure-shot win-win for online shopping, in this case, I’d say. The best part? Well, their sourcing as they procure their stuff from nothing but the best possible, organic as well as small farmers and villages who pay a lot of attention to the quality and authentic deliverance.

Sweets and Snacks

Well, again with more than 150 products in this category too, they offer everything from banana chips to different types of snacks, farsan as well as sweets which will surely leave you spoilt for choice and drooling when you rifle through their website. Oh, health freaks are we? Neva mind coz hey I was super stoked to see that they actually had healthy variants like Beetroot, Dates, Carrots and Cashew Mysore Pak, Black Sesame Jaggery Laddus, brown rice Thattai which boasts of being vegan as well as gluten-free. What got me hooked was the fact that jaggery is used in many products which is a healthy substitute for white sugar. Albeit traditional white sugar sweets are available too here. An interesting variant I came across was the pumpkin seed-fennel-moong laddu. Hmm, health is 100%.

Along with sweets accompanying the array were a host of crunchy munchy, delicious snacks and Farsans many of which again, were healthy variants being vegan as well as gluten-free. Think Ragi sev or red rice murukku or even ginger Turmeric Thattais, yummy in my tummy yeah!

Masalas and Instant Mixes

Well. Mom is very particular about the condiments and masalas we use at home and seldom allows any heavily processed condiments but I was surprised to see how she really appreciated and loved the quality offered by the sweet Karam coffee website. With a host of masalas, herbal powders, Chettinad powders, Sambar, Rasam, Dal, rice and idli powders the site also offers instant rice as well as tiffin mixes alongwith organic flours too. With a host of premixes offered, it actually was a treat to be able to shop and pick up all necessities as well as many products which I have been meaning to pick for some time but have been putting off for some reason or another. For instance, the Chilli gun powder for idli is something I had been itching to try for quite some time now.

Papads, Pickles and Fryums

Another weak spot, these comprise the main course of almost all Indian households and Sweet Karam coffee is a one-stop store for all of your sinful indulgences in one place. Was blown away by the varieties offered here. Did I mention the yummy pickles guys, which will satiate and live up to the expectations of the oldest grandma possible, thanks to their authentic traditional tastes and flavours?


Home Bakery

They also have a section devoted to bread, cookies of various types as well as a variety of delicious as well as healthy spreads to amp up your snacking equations.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Log onto and indulge in the best of modern as well as contemporary Indian foods, snacks, sweets etc all at the click of a finger. And you know what? They are into corporate gifting too as well as bulk orders so with the festive season around the corner, you are sorted as far as your snacking and food essential needs are concerned. Do not forget to use their code HAPPY!) on orders over Rs 1000/-. Well, I go some really amazing indulgences to brighten up my festive season and I strongly suggest you go ahead and check out their amazing products guys.

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