10 Reasons Why Potterheads Hate Umbridge More Than Voldemort

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Why do we Potterheads hate Umbridge more than Voldemort?

“Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be prohibited.”

Remember these words by the despicable, pestilential ‘toad’ we have in Potter-verse? Oh yeah, you guessed it right! It’s none other than Dolores Umbridge, Senior, Under Secretary to the minister of Magic, as well as the Defence against the dark arts teacher in Harry’s 5th year at Hogwarts. Umbridge whose unpopularity is unrivalled and unmatched by none except her loathsome nature and discretion and her unrequited love and penchant for creating and spreading discord, terror as well as punishing all that come in the way of her ideologies is not unknown.

Well, to tell you the truth it comes as no surprise that this cantankerous, bossy lady is not exactly what we Potter heads really appreciate or look up to. In fact, if truth be told, potter heads hate Umbridge more than Voldemort. Don’t believe me? Ok, here are multiple reasons I am listing below that will make you believe that yes, potter heads hate Umbridge more than Voldemort:


Well, to begin with, whoever believes that centaurs, goblins, werewolves, elves etc are inferior to witches and wizards? None but Umbridge. I personally detest it coz hey where would Harry be if it were not for Dobby saving his lifetime and again (ending up sacrificing his own for Harry Potter his best friend yeah!!). And not to forget how even a dark elf like Kreacher had turned humane, helping Harry and his friends later on. Same for the centaurs, even the goblins who have time and again proved their mettle right until the Battle of Hogwarts. Umby dumby for your info, even a half-giant like Grawp added value to the defence, by the way!! At least Voldemort used to consider everybody an asset, to be befriended, fraternized and mingled with, even if superficially, for his ulterior motives. She was worse than him!!


Dolores Umbridge - Voldemort - Potterheads

The way she admonishes people, uff! I tell you if looks alone could kill, Harry for one and Dumbledore would be dead over umpteen times. Phew!! Not to forget how much she has it for those who are purebloods. Like Ron’s dad has aptly put it, had the wizard lot not mingled with the muggle-borns they would be extinct by now. And this woman!! Hell-bent on wiping all Muggle-borns out of the Wizarding world. Cruella!!! Remember, how she had while procuring the Slytherin’s locket from Mundungus said that it was a family hand-down to her from the Selwyns, boosting her pureblood status? Gross!! Well, Voldemort on the other hand, detested muggle-borns albeit that was pure because being a half and a half himself, he despised the muggle lineage to the core.


Well, whilst her stint as a teacher and later as a Headmaster for a short span of time as a Headmistress at Hogwarts, she wanted to bring every aspect of life at Hogwarts, small or big under her control. Not to forget the manner in which she interfered with Hogwarts’ rules, Dumbledore’s duties as a Headmaster and practically everything. One meddlesome brat, I tell you. She even despised Professor McGonagall as she did not like to be controlled by her. They were arch enemies peeps!!

Voldemort believed in controlling too, although he preferred putting those he wished to control under the Imperius or Cruciatus curse for the same.


She was a meano outright ya! Even with all evidence pointed to the fact that Voldemort was back and at large again, she simply refused to acknowledge it, ignoring the reality dancing naked to her in the face and coaxing all to believe otherwise. 

Not to forget how unfair she was. Stopping wizarding kids from reading the Quibbler simply because it chose to publish the true version of the series of events taking place, she decided to ban it only shows how unparalleled and rigid she is.


Dolores Umbridge - Voldemort - Potterheads

Remember how she enjoyed giving Harry pain especially when he used to do detention for her? I tell you nobody in their right sense of mind inflicts so much pain to even their nemesis guys. Rejoicing in the misery of others seems to be her second nature. She did not even spare the teachers for a fact. But with kids, she used to revel and enjoy hurting them. Ughhh!!

Well, she was still up by quite a few notches compared to Voldemort who also loved inflicting pain but somehow always believed in turning his nemesis into his allies. Remember how he proposed to Neville that he could join Voldemort’s ranks when they had brought Harry’s “dead” body back to Hogwarts to call off the war?


Umm, I know this cannot qualify as a universal reason. But, personally speaking, those lace, frills, that pink cardigan ughhh!! Who could say that such a person who wore such soft woolly, lacy kind of clothes could be so intimidating and horrible? Pink colour hates you for life Umbridge. Know why?  Because you defiled and defiled it with your mere presence huh!

At least Voldemort was gross enough, appearing exactly what he was, dark and unending in that strange black cloak and grey pallor of his…


Dolores Umbridge - Voldemort - Potterheads

Absolutely!! She had the worst possible appearance as a character in the entire series, with her voice being so sugary and honey-like, not at all matching her tone which feels as if that of a high-pitched shrieking bird!! Remember, how the students used to say how they were forcibly reminded of a large fly perched unwisely on top of an even larger toad? Uff!!

Voldemort, too had an intimidating tone albeit it suited his demeanour perfectly with the hiss like quality it had. At least, we knew it, even though we hated it unlike the honeyed tones of Umbridge’s voice.


Oh yeah, she was damn heartless, I tell ya’. Seriously injuring McGonagall when she tried to help Hagrid fight against her, hurting Hedwig when she was intercepting Harry’s mail, taking away Moody’s magical eye to use as a spy device over her door, I mean for Christ’s sake can evilly stoop any further? Wait there’s more. She actually tried killing Hagrid by shooting those stunning spells at him. Not to forget the constant badgering and harassing she did to Dumbledore while trying to replace him. Seriously woman? Go away!!


Aww, cmon’ on now, it only wasn’t Voldemort but it was Umbridge who was a true representative of an arch-nemesis. I mean she went a notch further, trying to control the lives of her enemies. Pooohhh!  I tell you I could completely relate to her being that one figure we all have in our lives who just is so frustrating and a symbol of being the bane of our existence.


Oh yeah, this one counts as a strong reason why we all collectively hate her more than Voldemort. That annoying and irritating sound she made every time she wanted to be heard, to make a point was sickly to the point where it was beyond disgusting. It was as if she was this big-time dictator whom everyone was supposed to be bowing down to, the minute the dictator pronounced her arrival-Ahem Ahem.


So, these were my 10 reasons why Potterheads hate Umbridge more than they hate Voldemort. Hope you resonate with my list. Let us know in the comments what you think of the article and also if you want to add any more to this list.


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See you soon again and till then Happy Unbridging, I mean Happy Un Umbridging to you all guyssss.

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