Pushpa, Gehraiyaan, A Thursday – Mature Content Trending On Major Online Streaming Platforms, Do We Really Relate??

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With the advent of OTTs aka online streaming platforms, the world of entertainment has opened up even more, like a huge kaleidoscope, waiting to be explored multidimensionally. 

Without the presence of any preset censorships and rules of that regard, how much is the 

I recently saw some movies on different online streaming platforms – Gehraiyaan on Amazon Prime Video and also Pushpa and A Thursday on Disney +Hotstar. On one hand, one explores the dynamics of interpersonal relationships whilst keeping the subject matter of infidelity as the prime object, the other promises to be a thriller of a new kind, the uniqueness of the core idea being a first for such a platform with the third one being the usual masala, action thriller.

So I will be honest. Gehraiyaan, as much it is being touted to be one which is simply “another” movie highlighting gaslighting, emotional abuse, too much of adultery and such other blah, technically has raised a very vital qualm, how ready are we as an audience for a more matured content? Shakun Batra’s latest directorial venture is a cinematic creation that does not abide by the realms of the preset boundaries of what has been laid down as watchable or acceptable as we might call it.  Let me go back a bit in time. Wasn’t Lamhe an unaccepted idea during its time? It is only years after which we accepted it as a perceivable idea, that yes love transcends the paradigms of age. Not that I want to advocate the skin showing factor which was personally a put downer for me as thanks to the current scenario we are compelled to watch movies alongside our families and dear ones which might surely be an abrupt company. But having said that, the issues addressed were vital and so was the fact that yes, indeed emotional baggage of the past can be cumbersome leading one to make wrong choices and live in regret, remorse. The toxicity of such a circumstance is absolutely parasitic, leaving one with no choice but to succumb to the stigmas of society. Society touts itself to be accommodating, empathetic but remains rigid and orthodox at the end of the day.

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Ditto for our other movie – A Thursday. An intriguing thriller that promises to be as nail-biting as the gob smacker it unrolls out to be. Without revealing too many spoilers, I want to point out here that the old nationalities continue with justice eluding the common man compelling one to go beyond the boundaries of what is right and what comprises ethics. The film, which is made very well puts across certain bottlenecks of our system into a dark spotlight, making us come face to face with those quandaries which we, as a system tend to be oblivious to. The non-efficacy of justice dispersion is what forms the harsh, brutal reality of our system today, something which is eating away at the health and well being our society, parasitically. Behzad Khambatta, through this cathartic work, has summoned and brought to the forefront those dark qualms which need immediate attention. Though some may argue that too much vehemence and intensity make this a heavy watch, I nevertheless feel, given the way the characterizations are, that was probably what the script demanded. However, stellar actors like Atul Kulkarni and Neha Dhupia have not been fully given the kind of justice as far as their acting prowess goes. They are capable of much more and could have been given more vantage. 

On the other hand, with Pushpa, I feel the point is missed out completely. Keeping aside the fact that the action is exciting and so is the movie, not to forget the amazing music, one cannot deny that there are again, certain debatable, questionable depictions, which make this super-duper hit, somewhat unfit for a familial watch. True, being Allu Arjun fans we revelled in and enjoyed what was created by him. But who shall take the accountability of the lecherous content, the lewd, unnecessary display which does not add to, but actually cuts down on the prolific proclivity of the cinematic experience?

So, my point here is how mature are we as an audience? And I don’t mean as regards only erotica or skin showing or the display of core fundamental societal impediments. Are we adopting and adhering with open-mindedness to the exploratory, experimental cinema? Cinema whether life-changing or not, challenges the preconceived ideologies and paradigms? Well, I guess maybe, maybe not. On one hand, we say that we are getting more open and approachable to the reasonably pliant cinema, on the other hand, we get busy chastising the negativities, leaving aside the takeaways from such experimental OTT creatives. Why the hypocrisy? Let us be candid and honest guys. Agree, censorship must exist but having said that it is vital to keep an open mindset, one which is flexible, absorbing key positives from any new kind of cinematic depiction, rather than making that particular work a victim of cancelled culture or disapproval. At the same time, it is essential for the movie makers to take note of a vital fact-This being an OTT aka a universal platform, try and cater to some ground rules. Agreed the rules might come across as orthodox or old-world but any effective, successful pursuit demands the following discipline.

Exactly, my point. A balance of all. New fused with the traditional. Let us be adoptive as well as cautious. Open yet wary. That is how we shall not only enjoy what we watch but shall successfully be able to take away what the makers intend us to. In these uncertain times, OTT which provides respite as well as entertainment to audiences through its content and variety should thus be perused, wholeheartedly, yet with reasonable caution. Like Dumbledore had said,

Curiosity is not a sin, Harry. But, you should exercise caution.


Well, words from the wise, huh !!

Hope you enjoyed the article Pushpa, Gehraiyaan, A Thursday – Mature Content Trending On Major Online Streaming Platforms, Do We Really Relate??

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  1. Suditi February 26, 2022 at 10:54 pm

    Love this article!! Though I have not yet watched Gehraiyaan, I totally agree with you on your thoughts about Pushpa and A Thursday.


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