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Pushpa: The Rise Film Review – How Prime Video’s Big Flick That Surpassed Bahubali’s Collection Failed To Meet My Expectations

Hola folks, what have you guys been doing this wonderful week? Well, to be honest, a nip in the weather, a chill in the temperature always calls for a good movie and hot chocolate. For me, this is completely synonymous with quality family time. Sunday nights at our place are usually a big, fuzzy get together with all of us indulging in what we call “Maa ke haath ka khaana” and a movie to follow which seems to have embedded as a routine, more so in the new ‘normal’.

So, this weekend we decided to catch up on Amazon Prime Video’s latest movie which is creating waves across and decided to see what the hype actually was all about. So here I am, with the Film review of Pushpa: The Rise, as usual giving you the best of my spicy bits of gossip along with the key pointers I happened to notice.

To be honest, I was disappointed. Agreed, the movie was released last month and still continues to score big at the box office, thanks to Allu Arjun’s stupendous performance as Pushpa and all other facts which have made it a rage. However, I had certain qualms and objections to the whole thing which is why I chose to give critical feedback on this film review of Pushpa: The rise, one of the most hyped movies of 2021. Hmm, I know you guys are gonna be like come on, a superb mix of larger than life characters, superb action, fabulous tracks- all these are ingredients of success. But, you know what? Sometimes, some things just don’t click ya. Be it bawdy extensions to an unnecessary romance or action which can be more intimidating instead of being gory. Agree, there is something really endearing about Allu Arjun, who is a rage in South India (not to forget one of the highest-paid actors as well). But, I frankly was disappointed. Yes, indeed, because I did not only want to see him fight, dance and cross sandalwood forests with an axe, I wanted much more extricated out of this powerhouse of talent. 

Pushpa: The Rise Film Review - How Prime Video's Big Flick That Surpassed Bahubali's Collection Failed To Meet My Expectations

For starters, I was highly uncomfortable with the sensationalizing of quite a few aspects, be it romance or even the depiction of criminal gore, in some sequences. Agreed, they were put there to provide a breakthrough punch and make it nail-biting and gripping but I strongly felt that such a portrayal was something surely you cannot categorize to be a familial watch. Also cumbersome was the somewhat predictable love track between Allu and Rashmika). True they were simply trying to build upon the romantic content, I felt the lecherousness was uncalled for and could have been skipped, what with good cinematography and peppy music. With such good tracks like Srivalli which are genuinely hummable and melodious, what then is the need to simply give the complete love angle such an obscene, indecent kind of a verbal tete a tete? Why drop the bar so low? That too for something of this kind of a stature? I mean Pushpa: The rise is a huge grosser as well as a heavy production as far as budget goes.

 Is it so important that such inappropriate content be always used in spite of having a good storyline and cast? Wouldn’t it be better had they concentrated a bit more on say pulling off the same in a more subtle, realistic way rather than making it loud and lecherous?

Cut, ditto come to the song Oo Antava. Such a good beauty number but why the bawdiness? True, Samantha Ruth’s performance alongside Allu made waves but where did all the decency of the world disappear?

Being released multilingually, Sukumar’s movie is surely one with hints of ruggedness and the typical masala, action drama that audiences yearn for at regular intervals. The Chittoor dialect, though a win-win, there are many other facets that seem to make Pushpa fall flat on its face, in spite of the magnanimity and enigma created for the character and his build-up to lead unto the next movie.

With the commonly explored concept of the protagonist being the underdog, Sukumar has used the overly longish run time to simply build up on Pushpa’s character which is presumably because he wished to do so in order to establish him out in line with the next in the series. Had he shortened the movie a bit in this regard, say by half an hour maybe and try to cut down on the unnecessary, forced and out of place romance depicted between Allu and Rashmika, this would have been a much better, crispier watch. Not to forget the fact that Rashmika’s talent is, unfortunately, more than wasted in this one as there is just nothing for her to do in this one except maybe add to the glamour quotient (Sigh, did I mention lewdness?)

Although the VFX, editing and background score have been worked upon meticulously, I felt that one cannot deny the fact that there surely is some amount of haphazard compilation which is probably because the makers were apparently in a big rush to release it.

The music is good and certain tracks have surely become chartbusters. Oo Antava is one item number that is going to be on the charts for a long, a sure crowd pleaser and whistleblower, this one.

To be honest, Pushpa rides on the shoulders of Allu, through and through. With his brilliant performance, not to forget some astounding and spellbinding action sequences he is that one actor you simply love to watch for his amazing screen presence. I somehow felt that in spite of starting off with a bang, this one just fizzled out, what with all the hype, especially in the second half where it became cumbersome and draggy.

So, to wrap up the film review, a good movie, but too hyped I feel, one which could have done with a decent bit of editing, not to mention snipping away the raunchy overdose in some parts, making it creepier and saucier in the right way.

So tell me guys how did you like my film Pushpa: The rise? Do you agree with my vantage point?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would love to know them.

So, that’s it from all of us here at Booxoul today. Do tune in for more exciting content from the world of travel, entertainment, lifestyle and Books.

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30 Responses

  1. I agree, things which can be expressed in subtle way, what’s the need to be loud? it looses its charm and call for an undue attention. such brilliant and catchy songs but picturization is too advancing.

  2. Pushpa definitely has taken way to much hype and I believe with most of the movies the start is bang bang and latter is sleeping. Good review.

  3. I could not agree more with your points here. As this movie is over hyped and the plot was not developed as per our expectations. The loud dance and the romance part could be depicted in different way. Also, the concept of a villain who turned to the hero of this movie can definately create a negative impact on society.

  4. Hi Neelam,
    I haven’t watched Puspa as yet, and your very honest and detailed review tells me that I haven’t missed much. Glad i came by and read a review that it probably better than the movie.

  5. Pushpa is loud and a bit out there but I guess that’s what the audience was expecting from it. I was tad disappointed too but yet watched it for my undying love for Fahadh Faasil. Alas, he wasn’t there much.

  6. I haven’t watched Pushpa and reading your review I don’t regret not having watched it. Sometimes things are so overhyped that we fail to see the drawbacks. Glad you pointed them out.

  7. I haven’t watched the movie but reading your review I have no regrets. Sometimes things are so overhyped that we fail to see their drawbacks. Glad you pointed them out.

  8. Thanks for the in depth review- will definitely give this movie a miss- does not seem like one I would enjoy so thanks for saving me the time !

  9. It always is a bad idea when people try to pass lewdness as sexy. There is so much of a difference and it is not a thin line for sure. It is always such a turn off no matter what the medium. Well articulated review, Neelam!

  10. I have heard about the movie but it is not my cup of tea. I enjoyed reading your honest review. The movies cater to the taste of the audience. People these days like the loud ones.

  11. I am glad I read this review right now. I was going to watch Pushpa. I like only romcoms and the violence would really put me off. Loved the way you pointed out all the defects in the multicrore movie.
    re movie.

  12. Wow, this was indeed a good critical review. We watched it last week too and I agree with you on few points. While I enjoyed watching Allu Arjun, I was disappointed with the characterization of Rashmika and the way the romance blooms in the movie. It was too slow and was a mere put off. Having said this, there are many Bollywood and South movies that are loud and drag for a long time. However, we at home enjoyed Pushpa and still cant get enough of humming its numbers. Anyways, thanks for sharing your point of view.

  13. Hey Neelam! I don’t quite completely agree with you. Yes even for me the movie was a bit of a disappointment specially after watching Bahubali and KGF I felt Pushpa to be a little too predictable and Allu’s talent was not utilised completely as for the song Oo Antava I really enjoyed it a lot. However when you hear the Hindi lyrics it sounds too crude but the sizzling chemistry between Samantha and Allu was amazing.

  14. You stole the words from my mouth. Especially the part where Pushpa pays her for a look and a kiss. The author has stopped to the level of not knowing the thin line between love and chauvinism and misogyny

  15. Thank you for a balanced review. This movie has been popping up on my feed. I will probably give it a miss. All the points you have mentioned, it would just leave me agitated.

  16. I still haven’t made up my mind to watch this movie. I don’t know even though it’s hyped I just don’t seem to have the interest to watch. I loved your honest review of the movie

  17. I havent watched the movie yet though I can see all the hype around me. I can relate your review though, to many OTT platform series which are literally OTT – Over The Top in terms of violence and sex, which they depict in the name of realism. But I guess that is what sells ;-(

  18. I so agree to all your points, In fact I had mentioned these points in conversation with my husband, But, him being a fond of south Indian Movies, he didn’t agree rather he coudn’t agree and said- “it’s a south Indian Movie- Larger than life” (Me – Just laughed out loud)

  19. Totally agree with your review. Allu’s performance is the best part of this movie. I skipped the songs so can’t comment on them. Loved your review.

  20. Totally agree with your review. Allu’s performance is the best part of this movie. I skipped the songs so can’t comment on them. Loved your review.

  21. A good movie, Allu Arjun has done a great work by acting fabulously in the movie “Pushpa”. I agree with you, although this movie is a record breaker but too much hyped.

  22. I started watching the movie, but found it so loud and over the top, that could not pass even the 1st 25 minutes. I wish filmmakers start toning down a bit.

  23. I haven’t watched Pushpa yet but I’m not unaware of the hype about the movie what with its songs all over Instagram. Thanks for the honest review, seems like I made a good decision when I didn’t go with the flow to watch it.

  24. I just watched the movie 2 days back. Although I loved the acting of both Allu Arjun and Smriti Mandhana. Even if it is said that Pushpa is from Veerappan’s life. I agree that the hype is much.

  25. I think that hook step, the beard swipe and immense swagger for Pushpa took it away. I expect a lot of that from south Indian movies and this one was loaded with it. I enjoyed it personally but may not watch it again though.

  26. I haven’t seen the movies. And thank goodness, I am not alone. I was expecting something different from the movie. So let’s see what happens when I plan for it. Thanks forvtge review.
    Not for me…no need to hurry. 😅

  27. I expected it would be something like you’ve described it so I didn’t even bother to watch it! Glad I stayed away!