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Purane Pipal Ka Jinn | Anuj Tikku | Book Review

Did you know about the ancient mysticism of the Pipal trees? Well, they are supposed to be an abode of Lord Vishnu and are touted to have medicinal as well as holistic benefits. There is, of course, a lot of superstition attached to its significance too. Want to delve into the story of an actor who got on the wrong side of these superstitions? Read on to discover Purane Pipal ka Jinn by actor Anuj Tikku, a horror thriller set to blow your mind

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Captivating Imagination and Haunting Descriptions: Why ‘Loop’ is a Must-Read Thriller

All I see are the dead and those about to die, all gory, bloody, scaly, and horrendous. Writhing in pain and the travesty of human insecurities, Loop is William Kely McClung’s unparalleled foray as a sci-horror hybrid into fiction, like you have never experienced before. An uncanny dystopia, yet closer than ever before, to stark reality.

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