Fantasy Featuring The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion by A L Zuniga. An Exciting Rigmarole Of The Space-Time Continuum

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What happens when fantasy decides to meet dark fiction and horror? Simple. It turns into an immense, mythical, magical, astounding piece of fiction. A pristine, detailed plot with intricately carved characters, thrilling world-building, and mesmerizing kind of indulgence.

Here is one book, the second in the series, which promises to be as amazing and riveting read as the previous one. The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Vvardenfell, which was the writer Adrian Lee Zuniga’s contemporary take on Zaneta’s journey, who is a Khajiit living on the island of Vvardenfell. Her peaceful world suddenly turns upside down when her husband is murdered, and her children go missing. With her unique traits, whether she can fight against the tide of these struggles that threaten to break the threshold of her skills and her morals to breaking point is what forms the main premise for this fantasy.

It is absolutely phenomenal to read the way Adrian manages to create fabulous characters, outlining not only their vitality but also providing a groundbreaking premise that is as intimidating as it appears to be promising. Zaneta’s portrayal as a character who will leave no stone unturned, the larger-than-life depictions of the entire plotline is enigmatic as well as enthralling.

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The story is taken further from the last in this book, The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion. Zaneta’s pursuits land her in Narsis on the mainland of Morrowind. She still has to find out who was behind the stealing of her children as well as the motive behind it. Promising to be as gripping and captivating as the previous, Adrian has created a plethora of cast and characters and creatures who will transport the readers into a world of magic where emotion meets mystique in an astounding roller coaster. When Zaneta revisits old, familiar cities while crossing through places, she is subject to such an upheaval, which will surely take the readers through an emotional rigmarole.

For me, the rich, detailed descriptive writing was as fulfilling an experience to read and revel as was the indulgence in the sheer magic of the character building. I have always been fascinated by world-building, especially if it is a unique take in terms of the continuum of time and space, and this book was exactly that. Creating awe and splendour through writing, especially a genre such as fantasy is a tricky business, I feel. Agree the writer is at liberty to be taking the freedom to create details as per his choice. But the seamlessness and the smooth flow of the story have to be ensured while also keeping in mind that the details and descriptions do not get intimidating or overwhelming for the readers. That is always a major challenge, which I personally feel comes in the way of creating a good fantasy.

Adrian, who is a gifted writer, has also written the third in this series, the final in this trilogy which marks the conclusion of the story-The Lost Mane. In this one, Zaneta will, with the help of wondrous forces such as an ancient dragon, as well as mysterious strangers, help and save the people she has loved the most and undertake this pursuit in the first place.

Fantasy Featuring The Elder Scrolls - Zaneta's Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion by A L Zuniga. An Exciting Rigmarole Of The Space-Time Continuum

Amazon Blurb:
Edge of Oblivion: “Zaneta’s ship makes port in Narsis on the mainland of Morrowind, and she begins uncovering who’s behind stealing her children while searching for any signs that will lead her to them. Crossing through mountains and Imperial territory, she’s reminded of her emotional history here while revisiting old, familiar cities. That is until she’s dragged to the doorstep of hell and back. As her journey continues, she gains momentum and allies in her mission to find her family, while her understanding of time and space is completely changed in the process.”

So, go ahead and grab a copy of this stellar piece of fantasy which promises to be a treasure trove of fantastic fiction, for all enthusiasts who want to read wholesome fantastic fiction, a fiction that will surely blow your mind with its amazing and enchanting writing.

Hope you enjoyed reading the fantasy featuring The Elder Scrolls – Zaneta’s Chronicles: Edge of Oblivion by A L Zuniga. An exciting rigmarole of The Space-Time Continuum

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