The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis By S S Merce – A Book Review Exploring The Magical Adventure Fiction

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Book Review of The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis By S S Merce

The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis

Review by Neelam Sharma,

Author: S S Merce
Writing Style


The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis follows Captain Magellan and his crew into the land of Ataraxia; a magical world created by Primordials and Ancients where their path crosses with  the Neoma siblings.. Along with the siblings arises suspicion, manipulation and threat to the realms of Ataraxia.
This book takes you on a journey of a man’s moral dilemma, his quest to discover the thin line between what is politically right or wrong and how being different isn’t a reason to be shunned.


“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”

Indeed, fantasy happens to be one of those genres which can let your imagination run wild, into the realms of infinite oblivion to your heart’s content. That is the reason why this genre has always been of special interest to me, especially owing to its uncanny ability to be able to entice the reader into a world where there are no rules, no boundaries, just you and your amok thoughts, ideas and visions.

A book I recently finished from this genre aka “The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis” is one such book which falls in this category. A story full of magic and a fantastical world along with magical creatures is surely a perfect getaway from the usual hustle of life and also a great breakthrough read, I feel. The story follows Captain Magellan and his group to the Land of Ataraxia which is a world created by Primordial and Ancient beings. Here, their paths somehow cross with none other than the Neoma siblings who are the precursors to manipulation as well as a threat to the land of Ataraxia. 

A quest of sorts this magical story took me on a journey where I could relate to how when one tries to choose between what is right and wrong, one often gets caught up in the web of political views as well as needs to walk the fine line to reach the correct in life. 

Being unique or different in life is another plethora explored beautifully through this story. One may be unusual or different from others but that somehow cannot be cited as a reason for being shunned in any manner whatsoever. Through this book, SS Merce tries to explore such sensitive issues whilst building up space and a plethora of magical fantasy. 

Each and every character has been sketched and designed by the Author ensuring that neither the gait of the plot is lost nor does it become devoid of the essence it tries to portray. Be it Zachary, Rayleigh, Eigan, Farren and all those who are a part of this saga. One might say that there is a lot happening once the “beast” is introduced but nevertheless, Merce manages to keep the tempo as enticing as it can be, the story moving along the fine threads in a crisp yet engaging manner.

Generally, when it comes to creating an adventure, especially fantasy fiction it is always a challenge to be able to pull off the eclectic mix of all elements that are crucial to the creation of a great fantasy adventure. Along with an exciting vibe, an engaging plotline, interesting characters, and an artful narration what also scores brownie points, at least for me is a perfect amalgamation of these along with a smooth and seamless gliding of the plot towards that point of equilibrium where the real and the fictional world confluence out. To be able to create a story and also keep it engaging enough for the next in the series is a tricky task and Merce has managed to accomplish it very well, I‘d say.

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A great story created by a writer who obviously has been writing for quite some time, this is a book which you should pick if you are interested in reading an engaging, beautifully detailed and fantastically created adventure fantasy. Book mark this title for your next fantasy indulgence and I assure you, it shall surely transport you to the magical adventurous realms of Ataraxia. A journey exploring mystery, suspicion, politics, magic, and fantasy this one is a labyrinthine roller coaster promising to keep you hooked till the end. A great adventure read.

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