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The smart balance By Ankita Aurora

I guess this is the book I was waiting for. A perfect read to start the year with. In todays so called wireless world we are badly entangled to social media & glued to our gadgets. People have started travelling just for the sake of uploading pictures & using the most trending hashtags. Girls use tons of make-up to reach #nomakeup look & kids using #wanderlust #travelislife don’t even appreciate the culture/ nature around.

The Author however uses interesting # in her book, making us actually #think. She addresses the most important issue (i.e. work life balance or actual vs virtual life,) that we are facing today in detail & tell us methods to overcome it. The new age disorders & syndromes are well explained too.

The content of her book shows how well researched her writing is and how well read the author is. She mentions recent researches & facts every now and then in the book, making it really informative. I also loved the suggestive read/ talks she gave at the end of the book

She also uses diagrams & tables to explain her point well. The real-life examples & #todo activities are also useful & doable. This book looks a bulky read but was worth reading every page. The topics are well divided into chapters and creates a good flow. Language is really easy & font size soothing for your eyes.

Overall, I will give this book 5/5 for the topic she chose to write and the efforts she put it into. This book is definitely going into my must-read list of 2020

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  1. Thanks a lot for introducing the review of such great book to the audience.I will definitely read this book..