Book review of The Flute and the Sword - The Story of Meera and Jaimal and the Rise and Fall of Merta by Karuna Sinh, Randhir Sinh

The Story of Meera and Jaimal | Book Review

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The Flute and the Sword: The Story of Meera and Jaimal and the Rise and Fall of Merta by Karuna  Sinh, Randhir Sinh

Meera (Mirabai) has been an important part of me growing up. My siblings and I have always woken up listening to her songs. Songs that were the love and devotion of Meera to Lord Krishna. Since then, I’ve been taken to her serene and beautiful aura. So yeah, reading this book ’The Flute and the Sword by Karuna Sinh, Randhir Sinh, was the most exciting and learning experience, I had. 

About a few days back, I finished reading this delight of a book with all the satisfaction a reader has when reading such a gem. Every turn of page took me closer to the culture I share with Meera and Jaimal; Each chapter was a  revelation that brought smile and tears equally. It was told so beautifully that all came alive before my mind: the characters, places and everything in between them. It is a truly remarkably narrated story.

Reading The Flute and the Sword: The Story of Meera and Jaimal and the Rise and Fall of Merta,  felt to me like lapping waves of emotions, I was neck deep submerged, in Meera’s devotion for Lord Krishna and Jaimal’s constant struggle to save his kingdom. This book beautifully captured the nuances of emotions like nothing else in recent time, through pain, heartbreak, death and love. This was legit one of the most moving, riveting, eye opening saga that I read in recent times.

 Written in a very simplistic language, the story of Meera and Jaimal is fictionized for the entertainment value, it has the backing of facts and research that has made the book quite an eye-opener.  This engrossing high paced book is sure to sweep you off your feet. I highly, highly recommend this book  to all the fiction and non fiction fans of history, and who’d like to know more about the history of Merta. 

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