The Ultimate Guide to Smart Shopping by V. Rajesh

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Can a consumer be a smart shopper?

Do Women Really Shop More than Men?

What is the right price?

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Shopping by V. Rajesh answers all the above questions and many other questions like this in a very simply-written yet elaborated manner.

V. Rajesh has talked about those topics that you might never have thought of.

Let me be honest with you about when I first received this book from Rupa Publications, I thought that this read is going to be a tussle for the review but instead, Rajesh’s funny yet logical writing expedite my read and I read it in one go!

I thought that this book is just going to be a book full of WhatsApp jokes, some quotes, and some shopping related stuff. But I was wrong, this book has explained the psychology of a consumer and a shopper very well.

From ‘Why Men sucks at shopping?‘ to ‘Why we buy the things we buy?‘, he has explained to them all.

The first chapter is ‘Do Women Really Shop More than Men?‘ and it’s my favorite. Favorite because we all know that women love shopping and Men kind of hate it but we never knew why! Well, the first chapter in a very well manner reveals this WHY. Also, it explains why Men usually forget to buy some of the things they were supposed to purchase and trust me it really does makes sense when you read it!

Few things I’ve learned after reading this book are (From the Key Takeaways):

  • The behavior of shopping varies based on gender, age and the category of product being purchased.
  • There is no universally correct, right price.
  • Shopper prefers self-service stores as they enable the ‘Touch, Feel and See’ experience. This is one of the key factors that drive, impulse buying.
  • The most attractive and also the simplest promotion is always a straightforward discount.
  • Online shopping is here to stay. However, physical stores are also not going anywhere.
  • And a lot like these…

The best thing about the book according to me is that the author has provided a ‘Key Takeaways’ and ‘Smart Shopping Habits’ column after every chapter so that readers can narrow down the things that each chapter is trying to tell.

I would recommend this book to every person who loves to sell and shop stuff as it will tell you ‘The Science behind Shopping‘ and help you to alter the way you sell or shop for better.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Shopping by V. Rajesh

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