Versatile and Multitalented: Spotlighting the Author, Anuj Tikku

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Have you seen Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Nostalgic, aren’t we? And that movie having been based on a book by Roald Dahl, what if I tell you there is another book coming that revisits and pays a great ode to this one, albeit in another new format?

Chandan Choor ki Churan Factory by Anuj Tikku is a children’s book written to revisit the great characters of this Dahl masterpiece.

Sometimes some books are written so brilliantly that even a revisit opens up a corridor of engaging entertainment for those who read and peruse them. Also skilled are those who can truly reproduce and retell such enigmatic pieces of writing because excellence is difficult to copy or get inspired from, and in such a scenario, a re-visit to such a tale is tricky.

However, this surely does not seem to be the case for Anuj Tikku, our talented author in the spotlight today, whose latest work, Chandan Choor ki Churan Factory, is such a work of art. A retelling of sorts of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” this one is a book written with so much gusto that it is hard not to fall for it.

Having gotten candid in a conversation with Anuj, I realized where and how he got to be creating this skilled piece of craft that we have here today. Being a writer more prolific in thriller and horror narratives, he chose to write this one as a respite to those pieces while also having the desire to write for kids, especially something that would be a revisit to an epic classic movie, albeit in a funny, quirky way. Thus came the idea of recreating this one with an Indian twist.

Ask him where he draws his inspiration from these narratives, and he instantly quips, “I am attuned to characters as well as everyday happenings around me. I get inspired from them as well, from the research I do, the events happening around me, the books I read, and anything I have access to, to be precise. I enjoy watching plays as well, and they inspire me too.

Although surely skilled at crafting different pieces of writing from multiple genres, he feels that “Yes, Sir, I Killed My Dad” surely was one of the most difficult books he had to write owing to the emotional experience of going through the trauma once again. The book, which was based on his father’s murder case, was written by him in an extremely dark and lonely phase of his life, especially since he had to ensure it remained true at the same time. He used this piece of writing as an opportunity to bare his soul to all.

Coming back to writing, Anuj sincerely feels that a great tale is surely the one that truly captures the attention of any reader. He further states that Indian audiences are pretty aware enough to identify and enjoy a good book when they come across it and learn from it as well as get entertained. Such books sell for sure, according to him.

Having discovered his flair and passion for writing alongside being talented in the field of acting as well, Anuj thoroughly enjoys the art of writing along with acting and also truly feels delighted in attending bookish events, book clubs and discussions, along with interacting with his fans and giving them signed copies of his books at book events. He has created this parallel world to truly honour and indulge in the one passion he feels he is gifted in. One can find his books on his website,

Coming back again to his latest writing, he feels that Chandan as a character is truly a delight for readers, especially children and he also reiterates how every person who reads this book will truly be able to revel in the magical experience of delving into a writing that is entertaining as well as nostalgic. Pssst, he is open to selling the IPR rights for this one too!

While he works on “Puraane Pipal Ka Jinn,” his next W-I-P, a writing based on his tryst and experience with a paranormal activity where a demon possesses someone, he has simple cool advice for all aspiring writers out there: Just run with your idea and go for it. Put your head down and write; be disciplined; and also be ready to read and learn as you go.”

Join me as I take a moment today to wish our fabulous author in the spotlight, Anuj Tikku, the very best for his current as well as all his future successful endeavours.

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