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If you are a fresher, freshly graduated from a college & seeking a job desperately, this is the book for you!!! Roopesh Tiwari in this book reveals all the secrets that you need to know to crack an interview in his new book. I wish What won’t get you your dream job was published before I faced my campus interviews.

Apart from giving the insight on “How to crack an interview?”, this book also tells us a story that everyone will relate to. The author has managed the balance well between the story & the technical content. You will never feel lost in the storyline or get bored with the know how’s of an interview. Questions about the education & employment system of our country are well answered here. Rather than just cribbing around this well-known problem, he accepts & acknowledges it. He admits, how the sole motive behind acquiring any degree in our country is to find a decent job.

He has highlighted many important aspects of hiring that we often miss while preparing for an interview. Nobody tells us about these small little things, that make an average candidate stand out from the crowd. For example, by just observing the type of interviewer you are facing, you can work wonders.

In day to day life, everyone likes to be around easygoing people (people who are easy to handle). We know it very well & practice it every day. But we never realized that this criterion is relevant in the corporate world too.

Roopesh has mentioned so many tips like this in the book. The one take away line from this book for me is

“When in doubt, do what is bold, and you will never lose in the long run.”

I really loved it.

His tips are so good that I was forced to make notes like college days. He also mentions many researchers & surveys in the field of recruitment & human resource. This shows how well-read & researched he is.

Overall the book is a good read, with very good font size & page quality. It’s not very long but it’s lengthy enough to cover the points Roopesh is trying to make here. I would give 5 out of 5 stars to this book & would definitely recommend it to all my juniors.

What Won’t Get You Your Dream Job: Story of a Job Hunt - Roopesh Tiwari

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