Ordinary Life Made Magical-When I Am With You by Durjoy Dutta: A Review

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When I Am With You, Durjoy’s latest magical spin on a tale of romance, is not your usual love story. A look into the finer aspects of life as we call it, this one is all about addressing those emotions, along with love, which we know exist but dare not acknowledge. A romance perfect for the love season, this is a book you must read.

Do you know the best thing about Durjoy Dutta’s books? They seem to have a world of their own. I mean, the comfort they scatter, the magic they disperse, is something so simple and yet so realistic that you cannot help but become slowly but surely consumed by the characters, mesmerised by their lives, intoxicated by their relationships, and most importantly, learn to love. 

Yes, one of Indian romance’s best-selling authors, Durjoy Dutta’s latest “When I am with You,” is out, and BTW, I must tell you that I happened to attend one of the book-signing sessions being held in Mumbai, and boy! What did I feel like going back to college for? If I were to give it its true acclaim, what a vast expanse of his female fans’ adoration! There were also other age groups, but I was clearly moved by the love his young fans hold for him, his characters, and his writing style.

So, before I delve into the review of his latest, I want to take a moment to celebrate and give a shoutout to this romance “king,” who likes to write and splurge some more love and splay the intensity of it to the masses at large. That, I feel, is the sole reason why Durjoy and his books are such a huge hit with the masses: being able to visualise that book in your mind’s eye as if it were a movie, is what I call a blockbuster 2-in-1 read, which Durjoy has consistently delivered through his stories.

So, coming back to “When I Am With You,”  a slow-burn romance if I were to try and categorise it, this one is a story of Aishwarya and Dhiren—their relationship, their ups and downs, and so much more—that I think it would be unfair of me to be trying to label it further.

A story about choices we take, events that shape us, and much more, it follows Aishwarya and her free spirit and aspirations. Here is a bold lady who is also the bearer of pain in her past, not at all afraid to make bold decisions and even choose single motherhood through IVF (that was what she was considering as she did not want a man to interfere in her life and decisions). Dhiren, on the other hand, is exciting and mysterious, the type of character I describe as deep and “seductive”—a winning combination for a romance. 

But what made the narrative come alive for me was actually how Durjoy managed to fuse together their lives and destinies so beautifully, conveying so much coyly. It now comes as no surprise that Durjoy has such a large fan base because I can completely understand why and how it exists. Taking a tale of love and yet seamlessly blending the vices we fight every day as people, as humans, along with other societal stereotypes and yet ensuring that all of this is done subtly and yet distinctly—well, that, I feel, takes a lot of understanding and research, if I may say so. Yes, he researched and understood the mindsets of people deeply enough to be able to create that kind of magic through his words. 

A page-turner may be created using the correct synergy of a good story, narration, and characters, but what makes a great storyteller is how much he gets to the fable by way of relativity and also how much warmth exudes from the narrative when one finishes reading it.

Fortunately, Durjoy’s magic, as always, manages to make an appearance, keeping all under its spell. You may grow fond of Aishwarya and be in awe of Dhiren. However, we eventually come to love, relate to, and empathise with That is not only due to the book’s beauty but also to the writer’s merit and skill.

Durjoy’s latest explores existential qualms, societal stereotypes, past traumas, and abuse, and yet there is bloom as always, that fresh sprightly wave of love too, which is indulgent, enthralling, his signature, as I call it. 

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Smriti and Vinny are like these two staunch sidekicks or the true stalwarts who always have Aishwarya’s back? Friends like these exist, and I am like, “Wow, isn’t she a lucky thing?” See? That’s another thing I like about this one. Celebrating friendship! All you young guys and girls out there, one word of advice if I may: stick with your pal until the end of time!


My favourite part? Well, many, but I like the bit when Dhiren stands up for Aishwarya when her brother disrespects her. There are many more, but I wanted to share this delicate moment with you all. Even if you aren’t a fan of romance, bookmark this one because Valentine’s Day is approaching and we all need a little hot cup of strong love!

When I Am With You

Neelam Sharma www.booxoul.com
Author: Durjoy Dutta



A slow-burn romance, the perfect title not only for Valentine’s day but to celebrate life and its tides 365 days, here is a story which will make you fall in love all over again!


So, I hope you guys liked the review of When I Am With You by Durjoy Dutta.

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