Zero Not Out: Every journey has to end, for a new beginning by Vamshi Krishna

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While “Chhichhore” movie entertains us in the theatres, this novel won’t disappoint the sports lover readers among us. Both the stories revolve around the parental support today’s generation craves rather need in this cut-throat era of competition. Also, these stories have our prestige institutes and sports in it. Making it, a complete package of entertainment. Maybe, it’s just a coincidence that I read & watched these stories in the same week. But I must say I liked them equally.

The language of the book is really easy and you need not refer to a dictionary every now and then. Though there are few grammatical and spelling mistakes, you will still enjoy the plots thoroughly. It is a gripping and catchy story that made me smile and feel emotional at the same time. Its length is just perfect for a story like this. Everyone who has lived a hostel life will be able to relate to it at some point in time. It also shows the role of a father in his son’s life at different stages of life.

Zero Not Out: Every journey has to end, for a new beginning by Vamshi KrishnaI don’t want to share more spoilers but, I would definitely salute Vamshi’s effort to address this critical issue our young population is facing nowadays. Since he is an IITian himself, he understands the pain better. The depression and pressure that follows is known to everyone but are addressed by none. After studying so hard for the entrance exams and clearing the tedious years of college, when the kids fail to secure the job they deserve, the take steps like suicide. Vamshi has not only addressed this issue beautifully but he has also shown how technology can be used to fight it. His efforts will definitely benefit our young generation and to some extent curb youth suicides.

In Zero Not Out, author Vamshi Krishna has done justice to the subject and gave readers a prospective into the issue and its probable solution. His creativity in terms of plots is commendable and the way he deals with emotions is remarkable. Though the initial story looks similar to many bestselling novels, gradually it stands out.

I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars for its amazing plots & author’s courage to address a critical issue. Withholding one star for the old storyline & average editing.

You can get your copy of ‘Zero Not Out‘ by Vamshi Krishna on Amazon and Flipkart.

Happy reading fellas. 🙂

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